Friday, September 5

Chanel rouge coco shine - Liberte review

Chanel lipsticks are one of the most iconic chic lipsticks out there, however they're not something I can ever just go out and buy. I was thrilled a few weeks ago when my mum kindly surprised me with a few high end beauty products, which included the Chanel rouge coco shine lipstick in liberté.

The consistency of the lipstick is lovely, it applies so smooth and is glossy, hydrating and even which is pretty much expected of the lipstick. The colour is quite unique, the bullet is a light peach/orange with specks of shimmer - which may seem off-putting - but when on the lips the shimmer is not at all obvious. The shade itself also differs from person to person, it can look like a peach shade when used lightly or a brown toned orange when applied more heavily. I think this shade will definitely compliment all shades and cannot recommend it enough! I might be getting ahead of myself when I say this but it is approaching christmas kiiiiind of soon, so you know...add this to your list ladies.

Monday, August 18

Make up Forever HD foundation review

Whilst in Spain, I visited sephora which I had been dying to do..although the brand selection wasn't huge I did manage to get the MUFE HD foundation and let me tell you ... it's amazing!

The HD foundation is meant to give you a flawless look in flash photography/studio lighting - by blurring imperfections on the face it's supposed to achieve that soft focused flawless look.
It's a medium coverage liquid foundation, I apply this with a real techniques brush and it does seamlessly blend it to my skin perfectly and give good coverage yet it doesn't feel heavy or cakey so -sometimes I don't even use concealer and this baby has got it all covered well. Now as for the flash photography aspect, I do agree that the face looks significantly more flawless and even when a flash photograph is taken, this is definitely a foundation for times when you'll be having your photograph taken. And since it lasts for about 8 hours on me, it definitely lasts the whole night so there's no worries there.

If you have dry skin be warned it will stick to dry patches and accentuate them unfortunately! another downfall is that this isn't the best foundation for oiler girls though it is oil free it still has a slight dewy finish and the sales assistant did tell me that they also have a matte foundation which would be better suited.

So the MUFE HD foundation is definitely a new holy grail for me, it's the perfect foundation for going out and when I want that flawless finish because on a day to day basis i'm fine with just bb cream. The shade selection is great and there is definitely a shade for everyone! If you have a make up forever near you I definitely recommend you go see the foundation for yourself but the downside might just be the price tag! 

Monday, July 28

Summer & Holiday favourites

I haven't posted in a while because of holiday stuff - I went to spain at the end of June and I'm actually going back tomorrow but I definitely wanted to squeeze in a post of some of the summer favourites I'm loving throughout the hot season especially when on holiday.

As we all know, spf is vital and although tanning is huge during summer essentially it's skin damage - but since I'm already brown I don't need to tan and get darker so I use a pretty high spf of 45. The  Missha all around safe sunblock essence is my current favourite for my face because it's so light and not thick or heavy like body sunblock.

I also have been wearing the & other stories moire green nail polish which is the loveliest light sea foam green and looks especially amazing in the summer season.

I have two blush products I've been using non stop - first off is the Kevyn Aucoin creamy glow duo which I feel like I go on about...It's just so tiny and easy to travel with and the two shades are perfect for summer. Although I prefer cream blushes to powder blushes in general, I have been adoring the bobbi brown shimmer brick in rose. Although I think the Nectar shade is way more suited for summer because of the beautiful coral-peach shades. But the reason I've been loving the shimmer brick is because it gives both a beautiful blush and highlight at the same time so you can achieve that sun kissed look with just one product! Also the shimmer isn't chunky glitter it's very finely milled and smooth which compliments the skin nicely.

For the lips I've been using the dior lip glow a lot, because it has spf 15, tints the lips and is pretty much lip balm. Although it doesn't offer much colour I've been reaching for it a lot for some reason!

The Prada Candy perfume is my go to summer scent - I won't try to explain the scent because it will just confuse you, although it is supposed to be in the "warm spicy" fragrance family (whatever that means). I just love this scent because it's not overpowering but very feminine and lingers on you for a long time which I love because I always feel like perfume fades rapidly on me although whether it actually does I'm not sure.

Finally, the Skin79 seaweed cooling mask is a hydrating and cooling wash off face mask. Although this doesn't do miraculous wonders the skin it definitely does hydrate and cool the skin which does help if you've got sunburned. I do use this a lot because it's a very simple mask and doesn't irritate my skin and it's nice to use a simple mask!

So those are my favourite summer and holiday products so far!
I hope you enjoyed this post x

Wednesday, July 9

Hourglass corrective concealer review

This was a totally on a whim purchase in a haul a while ago, as I wasn't shade matched so I picked warm and hoped for the best, obviously trusting that hourglass are a luxury brand and know how to do concealer right.

Anyway onto the concealer, it looks darn beautiful and has quite a tight lid so it will never come open unless you prise the lid off. It is really creamy, but quite firm at the same time. When I apply it straight to my under eyes it's clearly medium to full coverage. I've stopped using it that way as it's just un hygienic and apply it with a concealer brush from the bullet on a moisturised/primed face.The lasting power is about 4-5 hours. The full coverage is great especially for anyone with acne, or trying to look like they've got 10 hours of sleep. As it's a corrective concealer it works well for people who have dark under eyes or those who need to counteract some colour they have. I personally have acquired some dark and slightly red eye circle due to exam period, so this has been my go to.

So to conclude, it's a lovely creamy good coverage concealer. But honestly for the money, I doubt I would repurchase it, the Nars creamy concealer is a tad cheaper and I prefer it because it's liquid and i get more use out of it - but I do still like this and feel I am getting my moneys worth.

Tuesday, June 24

Mini Haul | Nars, Too faced, Aveda, Philip Kingsley!

I recently went shopping with my lovely mum after my exams, and we did pick up a feeeeew things - so of course I just had to share! Some of these are products I've been wanting to try for a long time so once I've trialled and tested them reviews will be up.

I'll start off with the products that my mum picked up for herself but I wanted to share anyway since I'll probably try them out too. My mum swears by aveda products so she picked up the Aveda smooth infusion glossing straightener which is part of their new straightening line I believe and is meant to significantly straighten wavy to curly hair when the line is used consistently.  My mum also bought the Philip Kingsley Elasticizer Extreme, which is a pre wash hair mask raved about by so many beauty bloggers. Because of the hype and price of the mask, I really do hope we end up with Nicole Shcerzinger healthy-silky-long-beautiful hair or I'll be quite disappointed.

I also picked up the No7 sheer temptation lipstick in peach coral, I got one of those "£3 off" coupons on no7 from boots so I just picked this up and it's actually really lovely. I also bought my first Too Faced product, the Too Faced la creme lipstick in Bon Bon. When swatching I was torn between the bright colour bon bon and the MLBB Spice spice baby, but since it's summer (yes I'm gonna call the roller coaster weather in England summer) I bought the brighter raspberry colour BonBon.

Finally, I picked up the Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in the shade ginger medium 2, slightly a touch to dark but since I'll get slightly darker in summer I can totally work with this. A much needed purchase.

Friday, June 20

What's in my handbag

What's in my handbag/bag posts and videos don't actually interest me all too much! I mean everyone has around about the same stuff in they're bag...but I know that quite a few people love them so I have finally done my first one. 

The bag I have is the Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel, it's a perfect little handbag that my dad very kindly surprised me with. There's also bigger tote version however I think it looks quite awkwardly shaped and on a small person like me it would look huge so the smaller version which I have is perfect for every day use.

In my handbag I have.... A River Island purse which I featured in my haul here, a small pocket mirror from a random shop in Lakeside and River Island tortoise shell sunglasses. I also carry a Sarah Jessica Parker perfume which I carry because I'm trying to use it up and it gets used faster this way. I also have the tony moly perfume stick which is perfume in a stick form and it's really cute. I'm not really a germaphobe but I do carry the Etude House mini jam jam hand sanitiser.

Surprisingly I don't carry any makeup because when I'm out and about I completely forget to touch up or re-apply so it's useless carrying extra bits around. That being said I usually do carry around the lipstick I'll be using that day so it's always in rotation. The lip essentials I carry are the Kiko kiss balm, the crabtree and evelyn lip balm and the etude house miss tangerine lipstick - 3 fuss free lip products. I'm not really a gum person but my brother bought me a peach cobbler flavoured gum pack so I do keep that in my bag and chew on it occasionally, it tastes really yummy!

The random-ish bits in my bag were Mcdonalds tissues, 25p,  and the 'P' charm that had broken off my bracelet.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what was in my bag, I don't carry anything interesting but none the less I hope you like it!

Friday, June 13

Soap and Glory - Feel good factor review

I've been wanting to try out soap and glory's beauty bits for a long time now. So on a recent visit to boots I decided to pick up the Feel good factor aka they're translucent BB cream.I've been using this quite a lot recently and I'm quite taken by this little product.

Straight off, I would not consider this a BB cream as it gives absolutely no colour (being translucent). They do however jointly market it as primer, moisturiser and UV protector - this part of significantly pleases me. It's pretty much a do it all product. When used alone it gives a slight sheen to the skin which I love for no makeup days and lazy days. I can go out or stay in and my skin is still protected with the spf 25 and moisturised, whilst having a subtle glow and very slight colour correction.

The feel good factor can therefore also be used as a primer/makeup base since it smoothes out the surface of the face. I personally don't have a major issue with pores, however my mum tried it and it did improve the appearance of her pores but nothing too major. I love how the product is quite thick and creamy with a nice soft scent, yet it doesn't make your skin oily, or heavy or leave the 'sunscreen cast'.  It just leaves a nice canvas for you to apply your makeup. It's definitely a product for all skin tones and types.

I feel like this a handy little multi-purpose product to keep with you especially whilst travelling or for the up coming festival season, since it combats 3 areas at once. It's also handy if you don't always remember to moisturise, prime and put on spf - or if you just don't have the time.  However for the price of £12 it does seem a little pricey. Luckilly I got this on offer for £8, and I probably would purchase it again if it's on offer. But for the full price? I already have some spf, primers, and moisturisers that I should use up..

Friday, June 6

Mac Brave review

Kylie Jenner's lipstick is just something I adore, whether her new found full lips are surgical improvements or skill full makeup results. I can't deny that I really want the same results. In particular the shade is something that I am head over heels for. That mauve-y, deep burnt rose is just delightful. 

I found Brave by Mac which on first swatch was pretty similar to hers. It's a satin finish lipstick so is matte but not the overly drying type - it's a comfortable matte. But it does accentuate lip lines, chapped lips and so on so be sure to prepare your lips!. 
Colour wise, on the bullet it's like a deep pink with brown undertones - although my camera picked up more of the brown and mauve tones. On my lips which I would say are fairly pigmented it comes up as a mauve pink, which is fairly similar to Kylie's look. But obviously depending on your skin tone and lip pigmentation it will vary.  It is also quite shimmery when swatched which I was quite cautious of but on the lips I can't seem to see any shimmer which is what I had hoped.

The downside for me is the lasting power, the colour wears around the centre of my lips fairly quickly which is quite annoying as it needs maintenance and I'm a forgetful person. I find this lasts around 1-2 hours on me before I need to re-apply, if I don't re-apply then the lipstick's faded but left a dark pink tint to my lips which isn't too bad as it does leave some colour.

Brave is a colour that suits all skin tone in my opinion and it's definitely one to pick up if you're thinking of buying a new lipstick.

Monday, May 19

Beefayre product review

I haven't posted in so long, mainly due to stress from exam stress etc.. But none the less I wanted to do this review of some products kindly sent to me by Beefayre. 
Although I am totally for organic products as those companies who give some of their profits to conservation, which Beefayre does. As usual this review is completely my own opinion.

First up is the Meadowsweet & Comfrey candle*, for the size of the candle the price of £15 can seem a little steep. However I don't mind the price since first off the packaging is just such a huge win, I will definitely re use the gorgeous candle holder afterwards, perhaps as a tea light holder or just a small storage pot. Secondly the candle has such a lovely scent and you can actually dip your fingers into the wax and use it as a massage oil! I've never had a candle which you can do that with so I'm rather impressed. The burn time for this candle is 50 hours which will last me a good while, I am sure of it!

Second off is the rhubarb and raspberry reed diffuser*. When I first saw the word 'rhubarb' I flashed back to that awful school dessert where they deceivingly made rhubarb crumble instead of apple crumble *sniff*. But it actually works! it gives a kind of summery delicate fragrance which whilst I can smell the rhubarb the raspberry adds the delicacy and sweetness which just works! The base liquid is made with natural bio oil so no nasty chemicals clogging your breathing. It lasts for around 6 weeks which is lovely as the scent just lightly dusts the entire room and is the perfect scent for spring/sumer. 

Lastly I received the raspberry and vanilla 100% organic lip balm*.The scent of this is reminiscent of sweets or cake and it is literally the most buttery lip balm I've used and just melts onto your lips - none of that heavy, sticky petroleum business. Looking at the ingredients, this lip balm can easily be used as a multi balm for dry skin, cuticles etc. I'm really loving this as it's so moisturising and you need the tiniest bit, I will definitely repurchase this.

I would lastly like to say that I love the products I've tried so far and would go out to repurchase them. The ingredients are a simple and organic, they're labelled with small signs such as an asterisk which are then explain whether the ingredient is organic, fair trade or natural derived and most of the ingredients are all 3 which makes me happy. I also love how beefayre is registered with peta as a cruelty free brand and donates 3% of profits to bee conservation. Not to mention that the actually packaging it comes in so beautiful that you don't want to throw it away!

If you're looking for a nice organic treat for yourself, a loved one, or a friend then do check out beefayre as they have a whole load of other products here

* This product was sent to me by Beefayre for review purposes

Sunday, May 4

Favourites #1 - April

This is the first favourites post I've done! Ironically I don't actually have that many favourites this month since my skins been acting up so I've not really ventured out of my safety blanket and used minimal products.

That being said I have been loving and using a lot of the Kevin Aucoin creamy glow duo (which I reviewed in my last post). At first I was all for Pravelle, the rosy pink shade, but now I'm lusting over Janelle which is more of a dusty pinky/peach as it leaves a lovely glow to the skin.

The Lord & Berry smudeproof eyeliner is 720 sand, is just a bronzy brown eyeliner stick. It's not too creamy and but not too hard, so I use it both on my eyes or on my waterline. It's not as harsh as black eyeliner or eyeshadow but still gives a little somethin' somethin' to your eyes. 

Skin wise, my skin has been horrendous well, horrendous for me as I broke out a bit. So I stopped using a lot of my usual makeup and focused on simple skincare. The laneige balancing emulsion is something I've had for ages and forgot about, it's so moisturising and simple so I've stopped using a complex routine and just stuck to this and treatment products/masks. Which has definitely helped since my skin's recovered now. Also just to mentioned, the La roche posay thermal spring water is another thing I've been loving for a long time now so thought I'd mention. This is great for all skin types and you literally just spray and a fine mist of thermal water sprays your face it's just great I love it.

Lip wise, I've rediscovered my love for the korres lip butter in quince. It's moisturising, pigmented and buttery. Definitely a handbag must have. As for my fingers, I've been using this & other stories nail polish in Moire Green quite a lot. It's a lovely really pale green that I think would compliment all skin tones when on.

I guess that's all, this is my first favourites so I do hope you enjoy it!

Wednesday, April 30

Kevyn Aucoin creamy glow duo #2 review

Here's the first review from my latest haul!. I've been lusting after the Kevin Aucoin products (aka candle light and sculpting powder I'm lookin' at you). Buuuut, I did notice this on the SpaceNK site for £19 which I thought was just such a steal. Because first off, I couldn't decide which "creamy glow" I wanted, so why not try to colours whilst I'm at it?! It'd be rude not too...

So as you can tell from the title, this is cream blusher, it feels like butter - way creamier then other cream blushers I've tried and actually it's more like the lip & cheek products consistency, very smooth and balm like. Pravella is the deep rose pink and Janelle is the peachy pink with slightly darker undertones. These are such dreamy colours which I'm sure would suit most if not all skin tones. Don't be intimidated by the strong swatch colours, when they're on your cheeks they're very sheer and need building up, so you can get the exact amount of colour you want. 

For the price of £19, 4.5g of product does seem quite expensive since the product is very small, about half the size of an iPhone 4s for reference.  But to travel or just to try the Kevyn Aucoin creamy cheek blushers without paying the full £30, I would highly recommend this. I cannot fault the product, both colours look and feel lovely on the skin. They have good lasting power, and really give you the dewy look which I, personally, adore. They apply easily too, with your fingers works best in my opinion.

The only major qualm I have with this product is the difference in sizes, I mean why? what would happen if I preferred pravella and not Janelle? what then Kevin Aucoin.

The creamy glow duo has become an instant hit!

Thursday, April 17

3 tools I adore

Today I'll be talking about my 3 of my loved beauty tools

First, is the ghd round brush, the size of this round brush is perfect for getting a great 'blow out' hair style that looks salon perfect...well my attempt at salon perfect.

I also love the Mister Mascara tweezers, this comes with a mini tweezer as well in a set. Initially I was set on getting the tweezer man ones after using plain super drug ones for so long. However these are really cheap in comparison and work ever so well. Even the pesky hairs this will manage to pluck out to ensure you have clean brows. The small one is great to keep in your makeup pouch or for the tiniest of hairs, and the larger one I religiously use to groom and maintain my brows.

Finally is the Tangle Teezer, much loved by pretty much everyone. I think around 2 years ago I had seriously knotty matted hair which was too painful to brush wet or dry so I just didn't brush it. I felt like I should invest in this but I didn't wanna pay £10 however since I tried everything else and it didn't work. I did end up buying it and honestly wish I had sooner. It's the best thing ever for my hair, I have sleek hair and have not had any matting or knots since.

I would recommend to these to anyone looking into them, or wanting to try them - they're worth it in my opinion

Sunday, April 13

The Body Shop : All in one BB Cream review

This is one of the first makeup products I've tried from the body shop, and so far I'm content with the purchase.

The consistency of the BB cream, is light weight and liquid so it pretty much feels like skin, therefore it's no surprise that this is a light-coverage-hydrating-dewy-finish bb cream. You can build this up on certain areas you need a tad more coverage, however all you need is a bit of concealer and you're good to go if you're going for a natural look. But for people who need full coverage, this can work as a great base but unfortunately won't perfect and cover the face like a foundation or heavy duty bb cream would. I think this is a great BB cream for anyone that's looking for a natural dewy bb cream, or something to wear to school to even your skin tone and hide some blemishes without looking to obvious( if your school is strict) cakey or heavy. It's really hydrating and personally I love it. My only qualm is that sometimes, I'll put it on and because there's no immediate difference like with a foundation, I literally wonder "Is this even doing anything?" because I think I'm used to dramatic effects, where as this is more subtle and natural.

I would recommend this to anyone who's looking for a decent western BB cream, but for anyone who's looking for something with higher coverage (to cover up scars, acne, pigmentation etc)- this isn't the one. Also, as it's supposed to adapt to your skin colour, it might not mesh well with really pale skin tones as it can tend to look too orange and dark even in shade one. 

Best of all, this wasn't tested on animals as it's from the body shop (yay)

Sunday, April 6

Sleeping mask/pack 101 : Laneige water sleeping pack & Naruko night gelly

Sleeping masks or packs, are pretty popular in Asia and as you might know Asian beauty and skin care is supposedly meant to be 5 years or so ahead of western beauty (think how the bb cream trend only came in a few years ago). 
What is a sleeping mask?
Sleeping masks are essentially enriched moisture masks which you put a layer of on to your face 1-2 times a week after your normal skin care routine and allow it to sink in as you sleep. Once you wake up just wash it off with water and you'll have clean, hydrate and plump skin. At night your skin regenerates itself and absorbs products much better
Now this might seem quite weird or unhygienic, but honestly the mask sinks in pretty fast and just feels like you have a layer of moisturiser on so it won't go onto your pillow cases or anything.  

The Laneige water sleeping pack is such a famous sleeping mask a lot of Korean actresses and celebrities use this and if you've seen their skin you'll definitely want to try it. It's a light water like gel consistency mask that's enriched with snow water and is actually supposed to help encourage sleep as well. This product helps brighten, repair and hydrate your skin which I firmly believe it does do. I can put this on and sleep for 4 hours and when I wake up I'll still have radiant bright skin that looks like I've had 12 hours of beauty sleep (yay). A little goes a long way with this and I've never experienced break outs with this. I just think that the ingredients are really nice in this product, and the product is very effective for a sleeping mask as it does hydrate my skin more then some moisturisers.  I would recommend this to anyone who is wanting to try a sleeping mask or has dehydrated skin

The Naruko job's tear night gelly is another popular sleeping mask, as 1 night gelly is sold every 2 minutes in singapore according to Naruko. This product is way more jelly like as the name suggest. It feels heavier on the skin and more 'mask like' in my opinion. Unlike the laneige sleeping pack which is water based this mask is more plant based and has 11 plant extracts within it. It has pretty much the same aim as the laneige mask i.e. to brighten, repair, soothe, hydrate etc and I do think that this mask also has great benefits and my face does look brighter in the morning.

The only difference between the two products are the consistency, other wise I think they're very similar products however I do prefer the laneige sleeping mask just because I feel it does more for my skin. The only down side is that you might have to order these online if you don't live in Asia, or have an Asian supermarket near you. But lots of Asian supermarkets do stock brands such as laneige or naruko so do look.  Brands such as origins have brought out their own sleeping masks, but the benefits and ingredients as well as the size of the Asian ones in my opinion out do them, in many ways. The facts that they're sold every minute does say a lot.

Have you ever tried sleeping masks? I'd love to know your opinions on them

Monday, March 31

Mini haul : The body shop

The body shop had a 3 for 2 offer recently, I usually don't go to the body shop all too often especially for makeup bits - I'm not too sure why. But after receiving quite a few bits for christmas, I have become more interested in the body shop.
I purchased the All-in-one BB cream, the moisture it skin primer and the matte skin primer.

Funnily enough, each face product I bought cost £12 - which for the price and size (25 ml) might not necessarily be the best deal but is considerably less then high end brands. I'm looking forward to trying these products out and I'll let you know how I get on. I might actually end up nipping back to the body shop as they gave me a lovely little £10 off my next purchase which I'm eagerly awaiting to use up!.

Wednesday, March 19

Hand and nail TLC

If you're suffering with short, flaky, weak nails - here's 3 types of products that you should definitely be digging for to bring some life and vitality back to your nails. These key products strengthen your nails and encourage growth so you can have lovely long nails without paying a salon price.

The Essie grow strong base coat, is a clear base coat that helps strengthens nail and there's actually a visible improvement in the strength, flexibility and overall condition of the nails. I use this as a base coat or even on it's own. the price tag might be a little high for some people as it's £8.99 but boots always do 3 for 2 and it's a great nail treatment, which I will repurchase for sure. I will say though, that it lasts forever! i've had this for around 2 years perhaps? and it's still going strong and I use it quite regularly.

The burt's bees cuticle butter/cream/balm whichever you prefer, is a life saver for me. I always find hangnail around my cuticle, and you know when you pull it off it only gets worse...Anyway I rub some of this balm on all over my nails and it helps cure the dry areas and helps make your cuticle's more manageable if you want to push them etc. It's so moisturising and has a lovely lemon scent, you need the tiniest bit to cover all 5 fingers because it melts on contact with skin.

Finally, hand creams! at the moment i'm using this body shop hemp one. To be fairly honest I hate the smell. It smells of shit, I can't even try to sugar coat it. Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's actually a unbearable scent but I've read some of the other review on the body shop site and no one has mentioned the scent yet. But, despite that, it is extremely moisturising and is especially great for very dry skin. Moisterising your hands with a hand cream helps keep your hands looking young, feeling smooth and can also help with dry flaky nails. Plus perfect nails and dry hands aren't a great combo.

Hope this helped anyone who needs some hand/nail TLC

Saturday, March 8

Lazy girl : Makeup

I'm a lazy girl. I don't even wear makeup to school because I literally oversleep everyday and get ready in 15 minutes (not even kidding). But when I go out, I'm still kinda lazy and a creature of habit, I wear literally the same kind of makeup look all the time and I always go for the 'natural' or 'barely there' look although I do switch up products. This look is something that I've worn quite a lot recently, most of these products double up so they have multi use which is great for traveling or doing makeup in a rush! I've omitted primers, bases etc since I don't really bother putting them on when I'm in a rush or feeling too lazy.

The bobbi brown moisture rich foundation has spf 15 which is great since you won't have to put your own spf on underneath (although technically you still should) I usually put this on to my skin with my fingers, this foundations lasts a good 8 hours or so on me so I can skip primer. I then gently pat on some smash box o glow gel blush, which gives you the loveliest rosy glow (review here).  On to the eyes, I've kept it simple with the max factor smokey effect eyeshadow, this has two colours which you create a smoky look with or you can just use as separate eyeshadows. I tend to use the darker colour as a substitute for eyeliner to keep the look very natural and effortless, and the lighter colour I'll just sweep across my lids.  Next max factor false lash effect mascara, in black/brown - this colour is so natural on my lashes but it definitely gives the false lash effect. And finally for my lips, lately I've been using this lioele bubi bubi tint in coral, it's such a moisturising lip balm which gives your lips a lovely coral sheen - so basically gives you colour and moisture at the same time yay.

Tuesday, March 4

PeriPera peri's tint water #1 cherry juice review

Peripera is just an amazing yet affordable and cutesy makeup brand, I've tried a few of their lip products before and I absolutely adored them, so if you'd live to read a review on them please click here

Peri's tint water, is a liquid lip tint that stains your lips, they come in pink, purple, orange and fuchsia but I have the red "Cherry Juice". It's a vibrant pigmented red that gives your lips a strong colour, you can apply it sparingly and blend it out for a natural rosy lip glow or take one swipe and have red stained lips. As you might perhaps be able to tell from my posts, I'm an advocate of the natural look so I tend to dot this onto my lips and blend it out with my finger to achieve a subtle glow. You can also dot this onto your cheeks and quickly blend it out to stain your cheeks like a cheek tint as it looks great like that too - just make sure you swirl it around the opening to wipe the excess off the applicator and apply gently, since you can layer it up but once it's on - it's on. It's a great dupe for the benefit benetint, in my opinion. Also the lasting power is great! it stains your lips but if you're going to be eating/ drinking a lot there'll be signs of it fading near the centre of your lips.

There are some cons, I've noticed. Unlike most lip tints, there is no stopper in the opening so if you knock this over well I'm not too sure what kind of havoc this will create but it aint gonna be pretty! also because there's no stopper it doesn't squeeze out the excess water itself and instead the applicator actually absorbs the tint water so you have way too much on it and need to manually wipe the excess water off. Also this can be quite drying on the lips, it tends to seep into lip lines and accentuate them which is quite irritating, but if you prep your lips well beforehand it shouldn't be a problem.

Packaging wise, it's so cute! it has sturdy glass packaging so it doesn't look or feel cheap. I also love how you can see how much product your using. 

So, if you have dry, chapped lips this is not the one for you - instead opt for the peripera cream tint which is more moisturising in my opinion. However if you're looking for a multipurpose lip and cheek tint and possible dupe to benetint then i'd highly recommend this!
Personally, I prefer the cream tint as I don't think the cherry juice colour suits me very well! but I can see it suiting a variety of skin tones.

P.s I decided to go for a different set up for this post, I'm not sure if I prefer it to my usual photos would love some opinions! 

Sunday, March 2

Banana and oats breakfast smoothie

Today I wanted to share with you a quick and easy smoothie recipe, great for breakfast or as a snack! It's really simple and you probably already have the ingredients, so here's the ingredients:

2x bananas
handful of oats/porridge (I just used half a packet of the instant ones but I'd recommend to use normal oats)
2 cups of Milk or milk substitute i.e almond milk, soy milk etc
Greek yogurt (optional)
Honey (optional)
Seeds or fruit to garnish (optional)

I haven't added specific measurements because to be honest I don't measure it, I eyeball it and stick what looks the right amount in. If you want a thicker smoothie add less liquid, if you want a creamier one add more!. I usually add greek yogurt in but I  didn't have any on hand today but it tastes delicious with greek yogurt in. I love having the oats and the milled seeds because it makes the smoothie a little more chewy and not really smooth like an average smoothie. It's great for breakfast since it keeps me full throughout the morning, due to the oats slowly releasing energy also bananas are a great source of potassium. Also I'd recommend switching this up! add some strawberries one day or some blueberries.

Have a great day!

Saturday, March 1

Lioele active therapy ampoule whitening review

Lioele active therapy ampoule -£10

Ampoule's are pretty popular,  they're concentrated serums and essences that help target specific problems like dark sports , skin elasticity, moisture and so on. The lioele ampoule, is a Korean brand, ampoule targeted at evening the skin tone and whitening dark spots.
Consistency wise, this is just like a tad thicker then a regular oil - scent wise it's not too strong but definitely quite 'oil like' (i'm so rubbish at describing scents).  As it's an ampoule, it comes in dropper form.

Well, I do have acne scarring and dark spots since I'm a scratcher and popper (sigh), I use this when I need it like sometimes I'll put it all over my face but other times I'll just dab it onto the actual dark spots. It's not your everyday treatment, but If you do use it frequently or during the day, please wear SPF as your skin is way more sensitive to sun damage. 

So finally, I think the ampoule has definitely helped with my dark spots, pigmentation and scarring! I've been watching a specific dark spot from acne scarring to see whether it has any effect, and it has considerably gone and is now barely visible which I think goes to show that it works.

I really like this and would totally recommend this to anyone looking to even out their skin care or to target acne scars, dark spots etc however some other more easily accessible in the UK products would be the Kiehl's corrective dark spot solution , Decleor excellence de l'age  and Clinique even better clinical dark spot corrector. Although these aren't as cost effective as the Lioele ampoule.

Monday, February 24

Benefit : World famous neutrals - most easiest nudes ever

If you're looking for an easy go-to neutral palette but don't quite want to pay for a naked palette or perhaps you're looking for an easy and simple palette that helps you create an 'easy nude look' - well then may I suggest the benefit world famous neutrals! whether you're looking for a glamorous look, a sexy look or an easy look there's 3 palettes to cater to your tastes.  I have the most easiest nudes ever, a lovely little palette, which I wonder why I didn't pick up sooner!

First off, I'll mention the packaging. The palette comes in the form of a small (slightly bigger then) palm sized book with a fortune teller mystic meg type lady on the cover. Not only is this adorable but it comes with a mirror on the inside and if you've finished up the pans then you can use it as a small trinket box or something. Some people may argue that the packaging makes it hard to travel with but I'd argue that because it comes in a small box it's fine to travel with as it's protected and it provides a decent shade range.

Secondly, let's talk colours. There palette leans more towards shimmer city as the 2 creaseless cream shadows are shimmery as well as thanks a latte and call my buff whilst only pinky swear and quick look busy are matte. I do like the colours especially the browns like lots o latte ( a lovely taupe brown), quick look busy, and no pressure.

The kit comes with two make up looks 'day time' and 'play time' - day 'n' nite looks. In my opinion, the looks are similar however there is a variety of looks the palette itself offers as the creaseless cream shadows also look lovely by themselves.

So, I would recommend this and I'm loving it so far, I think if I were to buy another one I'd like to try the most glamorous nudes ever which is even shimmerier but does look rather divine.