Monday, October 28

Bobbi Brown Hydrating face cream review

I usually purchase Korean skin care products, but recently I've felt like it's all abit of a hassle purchasing on line and not even knowing whether you'll like the product or whether it'll work and benefit your skin. I mean don't  get me wrong I  still love asian cosmetic and skin care products especially they're whitening range, they have amazing products and prices! But sometimes I guess you want something a little close to home and a brand you trust, that's when i turn to Bobbi Brown.

The moisturiser is  very light and not sticky at all. It has a dewy finish and works well underneath make up. I do believe this is suitable for sensitive skin types as my mum used to use one too and she has very sensitive skin. As for hydration, it hydrates well and I don't feel like my skin is drying throughout the day. I adore this product besides it's £37.50 price tag and 50 ml jar, I'm sure you can get similar results from cheaper products and ones that have more product in them too!

I would love to repurchase this product simply because I know it works, but I love exploring new products and why pay that much for a moisturiser when you might just find a better one which is easier on the pocket too.

Topshop metal trim boots

I recently purchased these cute little heeled booties from topshop, they're actually my first pair of casual heeled ankle boots as I've never really been a fan of them before, and the metal trim reminds me of cowboy boots which I absolutely hate! but combined with the straps and over all style it actually looks quite cute. The boots are real leather with a 4" heel, the only qualm I have so far is that , like with alot of leather products, the leather creases when around the front when you put them on. Lastly they fit true to size, if not a tad smaller!
Also, might I mention that whilst I was snooping around the reviews of the boots on topshop online, I read that they had sneakily upped the price! how cheeky is that? I guess  they might be having good sales of them?
Basically, if you're not into the whole cut out boot fad that's around, you might opt for these cuties instead!