Friday, May 23

Kiko haul & first impressions

Yet another haul! *slaps hand*...Anyway Kiko is one of the brands that I've always wanted to try yet because you have to order online if you don't live near a store and the minimum spend price for an order is £25 - it always kind of put me off. But after watch Velvetghost's video I was just like I have to make on order!

So I got the 2 Kiss balms in apricot and tutti fruity. I've heard a few good things about these tinted lip balm with spf 15 (yes!) so I grabbed two because you always need some lip spf handy in your handbag. Plus these are cute. I also picked up the Exotic Shine lipstick in 06 which is a rosy colour. I must say that I really do like the kiko lip packaging, they're not luxurious but they're just really cute. The kissable lip balms are oh so creamy and melt onto you lips, they're sheer but give enough colour to tint your lips but it will fade after around 2 hours - oh and they smell heavenly.

Just to make up the £25 I decided to grab some of the nail lacquers, as a lover of neutral colours I picked up 328 and 322 which are a grey and light brown. I have actually tried these and off the bat I can say that I'm loving the formula of these! they're very opaque, 1 layer is all you need, they dry quick and they're so cheap! The shades that I picked up where discounted to 50p! I also got the multi effect nail laquer in 04 which is a double ended nail laquer with a really nice peach on one side and a rose colour on the other side. The peach is lovely colour which is great for summer. I would highly recommend these nail varnishes and I actually prefer them over other low end brands I've tried such as Barry M, MUA etc. 

Finally I picked up the glow touch lip and cheeks, I've wanted this for ages but Gabby's haul just spurred me on to get it. The shade I got was 102 wave hibiscus which is a lovely posy pink which isn't as deep of a colour as it is in the pan. Texture wise it's quite balmy and sheeny but on my pigmented lips it hardly shows up but does accentuate dry lips :-(. However on the cheeks it is glow-y and I think it would look great with the whole dewy look. This is definitely a shade for the light-medium skin tones as I would imagine it would just look to pasty or non existent on darker skin tones. The only down side so far is that the lid is really hard to open and I'm scared that I'll pull really hard and just mess up the product inside, but I probably just got a dodgy one.

I hope you enjoyed this post, see you soon! 

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