Tuesday, March 4

PeriPera peri's tint water #1 cherry juice review

Peripera is just an amazing yet affordable and cutesy makeup brand, I've tried a few of their lip products before and I absolutely adored them, so if you'd live to read a review on them please click here

Peri's tint water, is a liquid lip tint that stains your lips, they come in pink, purple, orange and fuchsia but I have the red "Cherry Juice". It's a vibrant pigmented red that gives your lips a strong colour, you can apply it sparingly and blend it out for a natural rosy lip glow or take one swipe and have red stained lips. As you might perhaps be able to tell from my posts, I'm an advocate of the natural look so I tend to dot this onto my lips and blend it out with my finger to achieve a subtle glow. You can also dot this onto your cheeks and quickly blend it out to stain your cheeks like a cheek tint as it looks great like that too - just make sure you swirl it around the opening to wipe the excess off the applicator and apply gently, since you can layer it up but once it's on - it's on. It's a great dupe for the benefit benetint, in my opinion. Also the lasting power is great! it stains your lips but if you're going to be eating/ drinking a lot there'll be signs of it fading near the centre of your lips.

There are some cons, I've noticed. Unlike most lip tints, there is no stopper in the opening so if you knock this over well I'm not too sure what kind of havoc this will create but it aint gonna be pretty! also because there's no stopper it doesn't squeeze out the excess water itself and instead the applicator actually absorbs the tint water so you have way too much on it and need to manually wipe the excess water off. Also this can be quite drying on the lips, it tends to seep into lip lines and accentuate them which is quite irritating, but if you prep your lips well beforehand it shouldn't be a problem.

Packaging wise, it's so cute! it has sturdy glass packaging so it doesn't look or feel cheap. I also love how you can see how much product your using. 

So, if you have dry, chapped lips this is not the one for you - instead opt for the peripera cream tint which is more moisturising in my opinion. However if you're looking for a multipurpose lip and cheek tint and possible dupe to benetint then i'd highly recommend this!
Personally, I prefer the cream tint as I don't think the cherry juice colour suits me very well! but I can see it suiting a variety of skin tones.

P.s I decided to go for a different set up for this post, I'm not sure if I prefer it to my usual photos would love some opinions! 

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