Thursday, April 17

3 tools I adore

Today I'll be talking about my 3 of my loved beauty tools

First, is the ghd round brush, the size of this round brush is perfect for getting a great 'blow out' hair style that looks salon perfect...well my attempt at salon perfect.

I also love the Mister Mascara tweezers, this comes with a mini tweezer as well in a set. Initially I was set on getting the tweezer man ones after using plain super drug ones for so long. However these are really cheap in comparison and work ever so well. Even the pesky hairs this will manage to pluck out to ensure you have clean brows. The small one is great to keep in your makeup pouch or for the tiniest of hairs, and the larger one I religiously use to groom and maintain my brows.

Finally is the Tangle Teezer, much loved by pretty much everyone. I think around 2 years ago I had seriously knotty matted hair which was too painful to brush wet or dry so I just didn't brush it. I felt like I should invest in this but I didn't wanna pay £10 however since I tried everything else and it didn't work. I did end up buying it and honestly wish I had sooner. It's the best thing ever for my hair, I have sleek hair and have not had any matting or knots since.

I would recommend to these to anyone looking into them, or wanting to try them - they're worth it in my opinion

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