Tuesday, April 12

Elisha Coy Milk Cacao black sugar scrub review

The Milk cacao black sugar scrub, is luxurious sugar scrub with fine granules of sugar in a light chocolatey cream. The scrub literally smells like chocolate cake, but trust me...it doesn't taste like it unfortunately. Exfoliation wise I find this to be fairly gentle and not as harsh on your skin so your face is not left feeling sore or red. It buffs away dry skin, helps with sebum and acne scars as do most exfoliators.
Price wise it costs more then other exfoliators such as the Skin Food black sugar mask or the st Ives scrub, but the packaging is much more luxurious as it comes with a little spatula and sturdy glass jar. If you have sensitive skin I would highly recommend this as it will do be abrasive or irritating to your skin, however for those with regular skin like me the skin food black sugar mask is way more affordable and you get more product for your money therefore for that reason I will most likely not repurchase this.

Friday, April 8

Too Faced born this way foundation review

I recently picked up the born this way foundation, two faced's biggest foundation release to date. It's an oil-free, "undetectable" medium to full coverage foundation. When I first applied this I honestly thought I would need to conceal my dark spots after as they can still show through with foundation but suprisingly even though this foundation gives a your skin but better natural look, it still has such good coverage that I didn't need concealer at all. It's very light weight on the skin, as it's infused with coconut water, alpine rose and hylarunic acid which moisturise and brighten the skin. Price wise, it's on par with high end brands such as Make up forever, Dior and Nars however for £29 I would go as far as to say it is worth it.
I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a natural looking foundation, that doesn't require too much work and blur's imperfections. 

Tuesday, April 5

Topshop petite slouch trousers

I recently bought these striped petite slouch trousers from Topshop. Although they're from the petite section I found them to reach below my ankles and I'm more of a fan of cropped trousers hence why I folded them at the bottom. Unfortunately they have an elasticated cuff at the back which makes folding them look awkward from the back but I will be cropping these myself soon. Overall though, I really like these trousers, they're comfy, casual and still eye-catching. It really isn't everyday skinny jeans, this year. They also doesn't have an elasticated waist which i like, rather it has two button fastening and a faux drawstring. I'll be pairing these with jumpers, oversized denim jackets and white crop tops for an easy go to outfit.