Friday, September 5

Chanel rouge coco shine - Liberte review

Chanel lipsticks are one of the most iconic chic lipsticks out there, however they're not something I can ever just go out and buy. I was thrilled a few weeks ago when my mum kindly surprised me with a few high end beauty products, which included the Chanel rouge coco shine lipstick in liberté.

The consistency of the lipstick is lovely, it applies so smooth and is glossy, hydrating and even which is pretty much expected of the lipstick. The colour is quite unique, the bullet is a light peach/orange with specks of shimmer - which may seem off-putting - but when on the lips the shimmer is not at all obvious. The shade itself also differs from person to person, it can look like a peach shade when used lightly or a brown toned orange when applied more heavily. I think this shade will definitely compliment all shades and cannot recommend it enough! I might be getting ahead of myself when I say this but it is approaching christmas kiiiiind of soon, so you know...add this to your list ladies.

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