Monday, February 24

Benefit : World famous neutrals - most easiest nudes ever

If you're looking for an easy go-to neutral palette but don't quite want to pay for a naked palette or perhaps you're looking for an easy and simple palette that helps you create an 'easy nude look' - well then may I suggest the benefit world famous neutrals! whether you're looking for a glamorous look, a sexy look or an easy look there's 3 palettes to cater to your tastes.  I have the most easiest nudes ever, a lovely little palette, which I wonder why I didn't pick up sooner!

First off, I'll mention the packaging. The palette comes in the form of a small (slightly bigger then) palm sized book with a fortune teller mystic meg type lady on the cover. Not only is this adorable but it comes with a mirror on the inside and if you've finished up the pans then you can use it as a small trinket box or something. Some people may argue that the packaging makes it hard to travel with but I'd argue that because it comes in a small box it's fine to travel with as it's protected and it provides a decent shade range.

Secondly, let's talk colours. There palette leans more towards shimmer city as the 2 creaseless cream shadows are shimmery as well as thanks a latte and call my buff whilst only pinky swear and quick look busy are matte. I do like the colours especially the browns like lots o latte ( a lovely taupe brown), quick look busy, and no pressure.

The kit comes with two make up looks 'day time' and 'play time' - day 'n' nite looks. In my opinion, the looks are similar however there is a variety of looks the palette itself offers as the creaseless cream shadows also look lovely by themselves.

So, I would recommend this and I'm loving it so far, I think if I were to buy another one I'd like to try the most glamorous nudes ever which is even shimmerier but does look rather divine.

Monday, February 17

Get to know me

I've decided to do a get to know me tag (wasn't tagged, but i'd like for you to know me a tad),  I
looked through a few different tags/questions and picked ones which I felt would be most informative or interesting.

1. What is your name?
my names Priya, but it's kinda ugly and I love cuter names like Erica  and I kind of really wish it was my name aha

 2. Where are you from?
England, Kent to be precise

3.  What do you do for a living?
Nothing, I'm a student currently studying philosophy, psychology and english language and literature however I should hopefully be going to uni this year! but I did used to work at boots.

4. What's the last song you listened to?
Fuse odg - million pound girl lol. (but I really like neon jungle atm)

5. What's your favourite book?
I loooooove to read! so I could never pick one but I guess some of my most favourite books are Norweigan wood, Kafka on the shore, In the miso soup, A thousand splendid suns ( would recommend this to everyone). I guess these books are quite "mature" and I wouldn't recommend these to anyone quite young except for maybe a thousand splendid suns, I think everyone can appreciate that book.

6. Favourite high end designer and place to shop?
My favourite designers are Marc Jacobs, Elie Saab, Ulyana Sergeenko,  Mulberry, Michael Kors, Chanel and so many more.
As for shops...I love TOPSHOP it just has everything that I love, but it's quite expensive at times. But I also love, river island , urban outfitters, asos, boohoo, misguided...

7. Favourite make up brand?
I couldn't choose just one brand as I think each brand has great and not so great products.
But brands I really like are; ysl, dior, benefit, max factor, bare minerals, burberry , etude house, tony moly, holika holika.

8. Style icon?
Aleeeeeeeexa Chung (like everyone else)

9. Do you remember your dreams?
Really interesting question! I actually always remember my dreams when I wake up, and I find it quite odd if I don't dream or can't remember it (although I think I read that we dream every night and we just can't remember them sometimes). But I haven't had a nightmare since I was like 12.

10. Do you collect makeup or just buy what you need?
I think I just buy what I need, I don't have a huge collection, but the things that I buy I use well so I'm glad things aren't wasted as I only use make up on me so I don't need like 12 lipsticks all in similar shades lol.

11. Do you do a full face of makeup everyday?
No. I don't wear makeup to school, just because I don't really care what I look like there and everyone's used to my bare face. I usually wear a full face when I'm off out.

12. What's your favourite colour?
I really like pastel and pale colours like mint, grey, dusty rose as well as navy blue, white and black.

13. Any piercings or tattoos?
No tattoos, I'd love a small tattoo like on my ankle or hand but I'm a wuss. I have my ear lobes and tragus pierced - so boring haha but I want to get some more ear piercings probably my helix and snug.

Sunday, February 16

Hair care routine

Credit: mulberry ss14

These 3 products are my go to, what I would call, treatments as I'm currently treating my hair with them currently and I'm really pleased with the outcomes. I use all of these on damp hair, but they can also be used on dry hair to smooth fly aways and tame your hair/ give shine.
I use the tigi silky smooth moisture serum, mostly when I'm going out as it makes me hair feel moisturised and look really smooth and well put together which is great since it makes my hair looks silky smooth and straightened although I didn't straighten my hair. This also smells delicious and like apples! I love the scent of it.
I have a review of the John Freida full raping oil elixir here , if you'd like to read it in detail, but of the two oils I use, I must admit that this is my favourite! and it's also more value for your money.
The vo5 nourish my shine miracle concentrate, is an okay product, I don't love or loathe it. I don't like the dropper design of this as you can pretty much just spill the whole product, but because of the small size of it, it's great to travel with. I do use this quite a bit to mix up my routine, but it's nothing special. 

On to my hair styling products, these are my three most used products. 
Bumble and bumble thickening hairspray needs to introduction or explanation. It's great. It works. I love it.
The bumble and bumble texture creme, isn't one of their most hyped products in my opinion, I have the surf spray which everyone knows about but I don't particularly get on with it. So in my opinion the un dressing creme is far superior in creating textured, lifted, bed head hair.
Finally, the juicy shower is just a little something I use to give my hair a little mess around with, in essence it's like a hydrating mist for your hair which helps with frizz and manageability whilst making your hair smell like fruity berries. So if I'm off out, I will spritz some into my hair (great for second or third day hair) and it smells like i've just got out of the shower!.

This is just a brief routine, if you'd like more in depth reviews on any products then please feel free to comment below, other then that thanks for reading and have a good day!

Friday, February 7

Smashbox O-Glow intuitive cheek colour review

I've been trying out the smashbox o-glow cheek colour, smash box I believe is an american brand that's stocked in boots lately - although it's in boots I wouldn't count it as drugstore, as it's a bit pricey for some bits and is located amongst the higher ender brands such as clarins, benefit etc.

In essence, this is a clear gel that upon contact with your cheek/skin it adapts to your PH level to create a perfect berry coloured glow to suit you.  On my skin it's a rosy colour, which you can build up for more intensity but as I go for a natural look 1/2 layers of this is great to give me a pop of colour and a healthy rosy glow that is reminiscent of Victoria's secret.

I would really recommend this product to anyone who is able to try it, yeah the price tag is high for a cheek tint, but it's an absolute favourite for me and you can play around to get the kind of blush you want with this also, a little goes a long way so I don't think i'll finish this any time soon. I am loving the healthy look this gives me! I know some cheek tints are more red based which doesn't suit me, but this gives me a lovely pink glow as the name would  suggest.

There is a slight downfall ,which is that it can get kind of powdery when on top of one of my foundations, nothing that some careful blending can't fix ..but if you wear high coverage make up everyday then this might not mesh well with it.

I'm hooked, and I am dying to try some more smash box products...If only my bank would let me!