Saturday, March 8

Lazy girl : Makeup

I'm a lazy girl. I don't even wear makeup to school because I literally oversleep everyday and get ready in 15 minutes (not even kidding). But when I go out, I'm still kinda lazy and a creature of habit, I wear literally the same kind of makeup look all the time and I always go for the 'natural' or 'barely there' look although I do switch up products. This look is something that I've worn quite a lot recently, most of these products double up so they have multi use which is great for traveling or doing makeup in a rush! I've omitted primers, bases etc since I don't really bother putting them on when I'm in a rush or feeling too lazy.

The bobbi brown moisture rich foundation has spf 15 which is great since you won't have to put your own spf on underneath (although technically you still should) I usually put this on to my skin with my fingers, this foundations lasts a good 8 hours or so on me so I can skip primer. I then gently pat on some smash box o glow gel blush, which gives you the loveliest rosy glow (review here).  On to the eyes, I've kept it simple with the max factor smokey effect eyeshadow, this has two colours which you create a smoky look with or you can just use as separate eyeshadows. I tend to use the darker colour as a substitute for eyeliner to keep the look very natural and effortless, and the lighter colour I'll just sweep across my lids.  Next max factor false lash effect mascara, in black/brown - this colour is so natural on my lashes but it definitely gives the false lash effect. And finally for my lips, lately I've been using this lioele bubi bubi tint in coral, it's such a moisturising lip balm which gives your lips a lovely coral sheen - so basically gives you colour and moisture at the same time yay.

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