Wednesday, October 19

Street Style inspiration

Credit's go to the respective owners

Sunday, September 25


I wanted to post about Hyuna from 4MINUTE today, I absolutely adore Hyuna, she's beautiful, talented, cute and an amazing dancer but for some reason people just love to bash her.
Infact what I love about Hyuna is how she tries to break stereotypes and still gets criticised! In her bubble pop video we see Hyuna enbracing a more tanned and exotic look, which is brilliant because 99.8% of Koreans like to look pale/white, clearly Hyuna is a great role model because she's showing how it's great to look tanned and still look cute.
so yeah Hyuna is perfect

Tuesday, August 16

Wish List

This months wish list is inspired by Seto Ayumi, a Zipper magazine model. Seto's street chic style is not as delicate and girly as some of the others and she is often found wearing skirts or dresses with platform converses or creepers to harden the look up to suit her style. Personally I am very inspired by her style, the looks she presents look very casual but at the same time very well put together.
Wish list:
  1. Rowky Creeper shoes
  2. Spinns 'be afraid' tee
  3. Spinns acid wash playsuit one piece
  4. Eyemazing Seyo Ayumi style lashes