Sunday, January 19

Dior serum de rouge 455 Tea Rose Crystal review

The serum de rouge lipstick is quite unlike anything I own, packaging wise it's very sleek and chic, it's quite long and skinny with a geometric looking design and silver dior engraved rings contrasting with the black. Ah onto the price, this is well..quite a lot ..Ok it is a lot

So you see a silver seal, on the seal it tells you that to get product you need to twist the bottom bit twice, twisting it twice gives about 1-2 mm of product - not only is this tiresome but you can't twist all the product back down like you would with a normal lipstick so if you twist up too much well you're stuck.

Also the colour isn't at all like the bullet, the bullet shows a deep rose kind of pink, but it comes out like a creamy nude pale pink and not quite the rose colour that I expect with a touch of gold shimmer that I also did not expect. The colour is pretty but just not on me (sigh) I think this would suit pale skin tones beautifully.

Oh and other thing, on the little leaflet that comes in the box which I randomly decided to read, the serum de rouge claims that texture of the lipstick "melts over your lips for absolute comfort and unique pleasure" - which it does
And the integral care is that it's "unparalleled formula, highly concentrated with lip sticks (ten times more then our classic lip stick) illuminates your lips with youthful beauty and after 1 month of daily use, they are deeply moisturised, smoothed and redefined." - I haven't tried this daily for over a month so I can't comment on it, however I'm interested to look into this claim as baby lips claimed something similar about lip lines and in no way did that happen.

So to sum it up, the creamy texture and over all luxury of this product cannot be denied so if you want this in your collection, or are looking for something a bit better or like the upgraded version of the lip butters then try this (but I'd recommend going in store and trying it on before purchasing).
But if this is out of your budget, don't worry as this isn't a to die for product in my experience, and you can get like two drug store lip butters for the same price.
Also if you're looking for something similar to this product but not a lip butter, then I would recommend looking into the missha deep moisture lip essence which feels very similar on the lips to the Dior one, although the colour is more of a deeper pink - this also has spf and is just around the £5 mark.

Saturday, January 18

YSL volupte sheer candy 4 Succulent pomegranate

You cannot deny that ysl have one of the most luxurious looking designs, especially for their lipsticks. It does seem catch people's attention when you pull it out of your purse! however the price does seem a little harsh when in essence it's a sheer tinted glossy balm.
I do love this product, and I'm hoping to purchase another one - there's a decent shade range, it gives such a nice rosy pomegranate colour to your lips in 1 coat and layering it can give more of a pink colour. As it's a glossy balm, it hydrates your lips and it's quite long lasting on the lips (it claims to be up to 8 hours).

The only down side is the price, as it seems absurd to be paying £23.50 for in reality - a tinted balm, when you can get similar results from cheaper drug store brands like the maybelline baby lips, revlon lip butters, etc although these aren't as luxurious. 

Also, please comment below if you'd like to see swatches of lip products in future, whether these be arm swatches or lip swatches.

Saturday, January 11

Skin saviours

Since the new year has begun,  I've noticed a lot of people including my friends are focused on detoxing their skin / treating their skin etc etc basically just getting rid of impurities and trying to maintain clear and fresh skin. So here's 3 simple products that can help with acne, breakouts and pores to help you clean up your skin this year, and I must add that I do not in any way have perfect skin but these are 3 products I constantly reach for as they are of course my skin saviours.

The lush mask of mask of magnaminty is, like the name suggests, a minty multipurpose mask that helps treat your skin in terms of acne, pores and sebum production. It also has exfoliating properties so you can use it as a scrub when you rinse it off your face (or back as it can also help those who have bacne).  This mask isn't a miracle product but I definitely find it helps when I'm breaking out or am getting oily and it isn't harsh plus the ingredient are natural and definitely will help with acne if used continually. I personally use this once a week if i need it, and I'm always pleased with the soft glow it gives me. They retail for around five pounds for a smaller tub and nine pounds for the bigger one which I own and I do think it's worth the money as you get a lot of use out of it.

I haven't seen spot patches/treatments in the UK, but in Asia they're quite popular as theres almost an immediate effect. The patches are basically either clear or skin coloured (like a plaster) round stickers which you stick onto your spot and the sticky side will stop your spots from spreading, absorb the acne secretion and soothe any burning or aching. I usually put one on at night if I have a particularly big spot or one that's sore and red and the next morning it'll have reduced in size or gone. I've also found that sometimes the lush make doesn't help sore spots to go whilst this does.  You can buy these online from taiwan or other asian countries and they ship within a week, give them a try!

Finally, la roche posy effaclar duo needs no introduction or explanation as to why it's a skin saviour, this stuff is amazing! 

Friday, January 3

John Frieda : Full repair repairing hair oil elixir - review

You've probably heard of the hair oil hype whether it's the Moroccan oil or mythic oil - basically hair oils can help revive your dull, damaged, dry hair. At one point, when I was a naive 14 year old I straightened my hair everyday...and..without heat protectant. Then I had the realisation point that straightening my hair was 1. effort and 2. damaging or maybe the straighteners just broke. Either way, I stopped straightening my hair and to this day the oily heat I put on it is blow dryer heat and even that's on the cool setting.
Prior to using this hair oil, I was using an old Moroccan oil serum which I didn't really care for and I don't think it did much for my hair. There's a lot of hair oils on the market, and they begin at around the £5-10 mark.  
I thoroughly enjoy using this hair oil, it doesn't leave your hair looking greasy which some oils can do  - my hair is fluffy and soft with no signs of having used a hair oil. Also the small pump helps deliver just the right amount of oil, I find for my mid length hair one pump is enough for mid shafts. I've found my hair looks healthier and fuller with this oil and it's not heavy on your hair like my previous Moroccan serum.
I love this oil so much I actually look forward to using it after I've washed my hair!

Thursday, January 2

The body shop : joyful gingerbread house - Ginger bread sparkle and Cranberry joy

It's a new year and i'm still blogging about a festive gift set how strange...However, in many parts of the world, a new year means colder weather as the winter to spring transition sets in and in England this is usually when snow first appears. So cold weather equals to dry, cracking skin and a cry for warmth. 
During christmas I got this gingerbread house thing from the body shop from a family member, which has a loofah x2 mini body butters in festive scents and x2 mini shower gels in festive scents. I absolutely adore the cranberry scent it's so sweet and reminds me of christmas but the gingerbread one isn't as appealing to me. Like most body shop body butters, these are extremely creamy and sink into your skin leaving your moisturised with no greasiness or oiliness. 
Anyway, as boxing day has been and gone there's many lingering sales on all things christmas-y and festive, so if you want to grab yourself a bargain then you should purchase one of these (or the Vanilla scent which I received last year) which have been reduced from £13 to £5 for the full 100 ml tub. 
Thanks for reading, and happy new year everyone! 

Wednesday, January 1

The body shop : Elderflower eye gel - review

I received this eye gel in a christmas set this year, I was instantly attracted to it as I've been on the hunt for a new eye cream but I was reluctant to spend £20+ on one.  
This is an elederflower eye gel (not cream), which has soothing/cooling properties and can help lift your eyes and can relieve puffy eyes. Clearly, it's a gel consistency and it comes in a 15 ml pot which is average for eye creams, you need the tiniest bit so it will last a long time, also it's not perfumed. Also the price is on the cheaper side as it's only £7 and it's quite similar to the Clarin eye contour gel which retails for £29.

However... If your concern is dark circles, then this eye gel won't accommodate to that as it simply soothes, cools and wakens your eyes which is great for those who are looking for something to help with puffy eyes.
Personally, I do like the eye gel because of the cooling feeling and how it helps wake your eyes up, but I don't find this to be anything special and although I might repurchase this in future for the cooling feeling, it is by no means anything great and I have dark circles so I'm still on the search for a good eye cream.