Sunday, April 6

Sleeping mask/pack 101 : Laneige water sleeping pack & Naruko night gelly

Sleeping masks or packs, are pretty popular in Asia and as you might know Asian beauty and skin care is supposedly meant to be 5 years or so ahead of western beauty (think how the bb cream trend only came in a few years ago). 
What is a sleeping mask?
Sleeping masks are essentially enriched moisture masks which you put a layer of on to your face 1-2 times a week after your normal skin care routine and allow it to sink in as you sleep. Once you wake up just wash it off with water and you'll have clean, hydrate and plump skin. At night your skin regenerates itself and absorbs products much better
Now this might seem quite weird or unhygienic, but honestly the mask sinks in pretty fast and just feels like you have a layer of moisturiser on so it won't go onto your pillow cases or anything.  

The Laneige water sleeping pack is such a famous sleeping mask a lot of Korean actresses and celebrities use this and if you've seen their skin you'll definitely want to try it. It's a light water like gel consistency mask that's enriched with snow water and is actually supposed to help encourage sleep as well. This product helps brighten, repair and hydrate your skin which I firmly believe it does do. I can put this on and sleep for 4 hours and when I wake up I'll still have radiant bright skin that looks like I've had 12 hours of beauty sleep (yay). A little goes a long way with this and I've never experienced break outs with this. I just think that the ingredients are really nice in this product, and the product is very effective for a sleeping mask as it does hydrate my skin more then some moisturisers.  I would recommend this to anyone who is wanting to try a sleeping mask or has dehydrated skin

The Naruko job's tear night gelly is another popular sleeping mask, as 1 night gelly is sold every 2 minutes in singapore according to Naruko. This product is way more jelly like as the name suggest. It feels heavier on the skin and more 'mask like' in my opinion. Unlike the laneige sleeping pack which is water based this mask is more plant based and has 11 plant extracts within it. It has pretty much the same aim as the laneige mask i.e. to brighten, repair, soothe, hydrate etc and I do think that this mask also has great benefits and my face does look brighter in the morning.

The only difference between the two products are the consistency, other wise I think they're very similar products however I do prefer the laneige sleeping mask just because I feel it does more for my skin. The only down side is that you might have to order these online if you don't live in Asia, or have an Asian supermarket near you. But lots of Asian supermarkets do stock brands such as laneige or naruko so do look.  Brands such as origins have brought out their own sleeping masks, but the benefits and ingredients as well as the size of the Asian ones in my opinion out do them, in many ways. The facts that they're sold every minute does say a lot.

Have you ever tried sleeping masks? I'd love to know your opinions on them

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