Friday, May 25

Etude house: My lash serum - Review

Strengthens strand vitality with essence care formula to prevent lash loss.
Contains panthenol & dogwood berry extract 
Supplies nourishment and comfort to weary eye lines and lashes.

The brush is decent, It's thin which is a plus for me and gives even coverage

 A good amount of product
 works as clear mascara
 strengthens lashes
 not sticky
 takes a while to dry

Tuesday, May 22

Tony Moly: Hello bunny perfume bar - review

So the product itself smells amazing! no exaggeration. When you apply it, it  ovbiously applies clear and like a balm. The directions recommend you to pat it in to absorb faster. The scent does stay for a while but during the day it fades but as  the product's so small you can always carry it and re-apply.

  •  Small, easy to carry
  •  A lot of product
  •  amazing scent
  •  cute packaging
  • Scent fades
  • Not as good as a perfume or body spray

Thursday, May 17

Etude House - Lip perfume review

The packaging is super cute and kind of reminiscent of benefit cosmetics? well to me at least. The pot it comes in, is a little larger then a regular Vaseline tin and I think the bottom/pot part is made of glass which makes it weight quite abit. None the less the product itself, I adore! First of all it's peach flavoured (doesn't get better then that) and it's not just one of those that only smells when it's in the pot, it actually scents your lips too which is nice. Oh and for the record, it's super moisturising, hydrating and lightly pigmented.

So, this is a moisturising balm, with a subtle tint, it has a lovely scent hence being called a lip perfume. The packaging is good quality and unique.
However it is quite thick so you have to dig to get a good amount of product, which can be quite un hygienic and the only alternative is using a lip brush (which is just too extra) or melt it a bit.