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Lioele active therapy ampoule whitening review

Lioele active therapy ampoule -£10

Ampoule's are pretty popular,  they're concentrated serums and essences that help target specific problems like dark sports , skin elasticity, moisture and so on. The lioele ampoule, is a Korean brand, ampoule targeted at evening the skin tone and whitening dark spots.
Consistency wise, this is just like a tad thicker then a regular oil - scent wise it's not too strong but definitely quite 'oil like' (i'm so rubbish at describing scents).  As it's an ampoule, it comes in dropper form.

Well, I do have acne scarring and dark spots since I'm a scratcher and popper (sigh), I use this when I need it like sometimes I'll put it all over my face but other times I'll just dab it onto the actual dark spots. It's not your everyday treatment, but If you do use it frequently or during the day, please wear SPF as your skin is way more sensitive to sun damage. 

So finally, I think the ampoule has definitely helped with my dark spots, pigmentation and scarring! I've been watching a specific dark spot from acne scarring to see whether it has any effect, and it has considerably gone and is now barely visible which I think goes to show that it works.

I really like this and would totally recommend this to anyone looking to even out their skin care or to target acne scars, dark spots etc however some other more easily accessible in the UK products would be the Kiehl's corrective dark spot solution , Decleor excellence de l'age  and Clinique even better clinical dark spot corrector. Although these aren't as cost effective as the Lioele ampoule.

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