Sunday, December 29

Bare minerals pout loud and clear review

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Saturday, December 28

December favourites

I've never really been a fan of foundation as the ones I had tried never really colour matched well and i felt like they were cake and just sat on my skin like a mask. This december I dug out my burberry foundation and decided to mix it with a spf moisturiser, the ration was about 1:2. I had some red breakouts and I felt self conscious but the mixture was just what I needed! it was pretty much a diy tinted moistener and gave me a healthy, dewy glow and covered my redness and evened out my skin, plus the moisturiser lightened the colour of the foundation so it matched me perfectly. It wasn't high coverage as i used more moisturiser then foundation but if you want to try it out you can play around with the ratio. It was very moisturising, not cakey and just felt like my skin but better.
I posted a while ago about my benefit they're real mascara which I thought was my holy grail mascara. But I recently got this mascara, from max factor, in the colour black/brown which is just a dark brown and I adore it.  Rather then a carbon black false lash effect that black mascaras often give, i find this mascara just darkens your lashes giving a natural looking yet full effect that is perfect for a simple look or no makeup look. I usually use 1-2 coats of this but I'm sure that if you build it up you can get the 'false lash effect' it states, but for me I don't really need/want that.

This is a 'smoky eye effect eye shadow stick) that i've been loving this month. Step 1 is golden champagne colour and step 2 is a deep chocolate brown with a reddish undertone, the two colours can be worn together for a smoky eye or individually. What i actually like is the difference in shapes as step 1 is rounded which makes it easy to apply all over the lid whereas the sharp edge of step 2 is great to line your lids with and it allows you to have precision. It's a really creamy shadow and I haven't really found anything to complain about! I really want to buy another colour soon.
The effaclar duo is such a highly raved about product and many people say it's their skincare saviour so I wonder what took me so long to try it out! I mentioned earlier that I've been having some problems with breakouts and this has helped a lot. It's not an overnight treatment but it definitely helps the breakouts clear faster then if you weren't using it at all. Also it helps with pores, which isn't a problem for me, but I know many people have issues with enlarged pores. It's a very light cream that sinks in immediately but you can feel ever so slightly that there's something on your skin, but I kind of like that.

Thanks for reading if you managed it this far! hope you all had a great christmas and enjoy the new year x

Monday, October 28

Bobbi Brown Hydrating face cream review

I usually purchase Korean skin care products, but recently I've felt like it's all abit of a hassle purchasing on line and not even knowing whether you'll like the product or whether it'll work and benefit your skin. I mean don't  get me wrong I  still love asian cosmetic and skin care products especially they're whitening range, they have amazing products and prices! But sometimes I guess you want something a little close to home and a brand you trust, that's when i turn to Bobbi Brown.

The moisturiser is  very light and not sticky at all. It has a dewy finish and works well underneath make up. I do believe this is suitable for sensitive skin types as my mum used to use one too and she has very sensitive skin. As for hydration, it hydrates well and I don't feel like my skin is drying throughout the day. I adore this product besides it's £37.50 price tag and 50 ml jar, I'm sure you can get similar results from cheaper products and ones that have more product in them too!

I would love to repurchase this product simply because I know it works, but I love exploring new products and why pay that much for a moisturiser when you might just find a better one which is easier on the pocket too.

Topshop metal trim boots

I recently purchased these cute little heeled booties from topshop, they're actually my first pair of casual heeled ankle boots as I've never really been a fan of them before, and the metal trim reminds me of cowboy boots which I absolutely hate! but combined with the straps and over all style it actually looks quite cute. The boots are real leather with a 4" heel, the only qualm I have so far is that , like with alot of leather products, the leather creases when around the front when you put them on. Lastly they fit true to size, if not a tad smaller!
Also, might I mention that whilst I was snooping around the reviews of the boots on topshop online, I read that they had sneakily upped the price! how cheeky is that? I guess  they might be having good sales of them?
Basically, if you're not into the whole cut out boot fad that's around, you might opt for these cuties instead!

Friday, August 16

Benefit They're Real masacara - review

I'm not really a mascara junkie, but I heard great things about this benefit mascara and I just had to try it. Like I said I'm not all that fussed about mascara's so I just use whatever so this review might not be that helpful. 

I really really do like this mascara, it lengthens my lashes and doesn't clump (unless you do 5+ coats) but really you only need about 3. The mascara doesn't budge and washes off easily so no tugging. Right now the mascara comes with a mini travel size for the regular price which is great! However it is still quite pricey as it's almost £20 for a mascara!! I don't know about you but i'd just love to spend that 20 quid else were (skin care) but meh I don't regret this purchase as I really do like it and will certainly repurchase it.

Dior addict Lip Glow revivor balm - Review

The Dior Lip Glow is a high end tinted lip balm, as I love tinted lip balm and tints in general I had to get my mits on this.  The balm has a moisturising formula which I like, it does tint your lips to a rosy warm look which 'awakens' your look and 'revives' your lips through the moisture properties. I do like this balm however it can be a little too glossy for my liking as I'd prefer it to be just the subtle hint of colour and not to make my lip look like they're heavily coated in gloss.

tints your lips
very luxurious design and packaging

 the price tag
 Cheaper alternatives

Back to school: Shoes

I picked up these shoes for my final year of school this coming September. They're light brown loafers from river island at a low price of £22. They have a beautiful gold plate on them giving them a more luxurious and stand out-ish feel then you're usual mute loafers. Also they just really remind me of Japanese school anime! I'm a huge fan of Japanese school uniform and they just make me feel like a anime character (cheesy I know).

Sunday, February 24

Tony Moly Appletox Honey Cream

Tony Moly appletox Honey Cream

Sticky texture relaxes the muscle membrane to give elasticity.
Manuka Honey extract- from Zeeland wild tree, immunity and anti-bacterial effect 
Royal Jelly extract- cooling down skin trouble, good for sensitive skin 
Propolis- antioxide effect 
Black honey- rich minerals and amino-acid. moisturised and nourish skin effects keep your skin elastic and moist 
Apple acid ingredients smoothing skin

So the description given by Tony Moly sounds really good, plus since it's more of a gel then cream it shouldn't clog your pores and should help those with inflamed skin or acne.
But the 'cute packaging' that attracted it to me is starting to bring the product down.
Firstly it's in a twist off tub, it does have a protective cover but since the cream is so sticky the cover often gets stuck to the lid and it's just all really un hygienic. 
The's just too sticky for my liking I guess the honey ingredient makes it stringy and syrupy like honey but I've read other people's reviews saying it sinks in quickly, however in my experience it takes quite a while to absorb and there's the easy mistake to put too much on and then well you're just screwed. So I guess the best time to use it would be at night but i don't like the idea of putting another cream or something on top of it so it's more like a mask.
However I use it in the morning for a dewy look and since it takes quite a while to absorb on me, i just get ready and do my things whilst it's slowly absorbing.

It smells like fresh apples
It has a good list of ingredients/purposes
It can be used as a mask
Comes with a spatula
  It's quite sticky
  Packaging isn't the most hygienic and I'd prefer a squeeze tube type
  It's not travel friendly
  Might not be good for everyday use