Monday, July 23

PeriPera: Peri's tint milk - Review

I chose the creamy peach milk tint because I really wanted to try a orangey/peachy/corally lip tint that I always seem to see in Korean dramas and on idols, like Sooyoung fron snsd, who it suits really well!
As you can probably tell, the colour comes on really vivid but with a couple of strokes it blends in, I don't actually need to use my fingers to pat or blend it because the applicator glides on smooth so i don't need to blend it in myself. The most surprising thing was that it actually does change my lip colour to that of Sooyoungs, I was worried it wouldn't show up or that it would just look bad but it gives your lips a really nice glow and it does make a huge difference, like I put it on my lower lip and not on my top lip and you can totally see a difference and the lower lip looked so much nicer. Also if you're worried about having orange lips, don't be, It doesn't go on orange but more like a corally pink.

 Dries really fast so you don't have to worry about smudging
 It doesn't dry your lips out at all
 last for a good few hours
 the formula is really creamy unlike water based tints
Gives your lips a really nice glow
 Shows up on pigmented lips

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