Wednesday, March 19

Hand and nail TLC

If you're suffering with short, flaky, weak nails - here's 3 types of products that you should definitely be digging for to bring some life and vitality back to your nails. These key products strengthen your nails and encourage growth so you can have lovely long nails without paying a salon price.

The Essie grow strong base coat, is a clear base coat that helps strengthens nail and there's actually a visible improvement in the strength, flexibility and overall condition of the nails. I use this as a base coat or even on it's own. the price tag might be a little high for some people as it's £8.99 but boots always do 3 for 2 and it's a great nail treatment, which I will repurchase for sure. I will say though, that it lasts forever! i've had this for around 2 years perhaps? and it's still going strong and I use it quite regularly.

The burt's bees cuticle butter/cream/balm whichever you prefer, is a life saver for me. I always find hangnail around my cuticle, and you know when you pull it off it only gets worse...Anyway I rub some of this balm on all over my nails and it helps cure the dry areas and helps make your cuticle's more manageable if you want to push them etc. It's so moisturising and has a lovely lemon scent, you need the tiniest bit to cover all 5 fingers because it melts on contact with skin.

Finally, hand creams! at the moment i'm using this body shop hemp one. To be fairly honest I hate the smell. It smells of shit, I can't even try to sugar coat it. Maybe it's just me, or maybe it's actually a unbearable scent but I've read some of the other review on the body shop site and no one has mentioned the scent yet. But, despite that, it is extremely moisturising and is especially great for very dry skin. Moisterising your hands with a hand cream helps keep your hands looking young, feeling smooth and can also help with dry flaky nails. Plus perfect nails and dry hands aren't a great combo.

Hope this helped anyone who needs some hand/nail TLC

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