Friday, June 13

Soap and Glory - Feel good factor review

I've been wanting to try out soap and glory's beauty bits for a long time now. So on a recent visit to boots I decided to pick up the Feel good factor aka they're translucent BB cream.I've been using this quite a lot recently and I'm quite taken by this little product.

Straight off, I would not consider this a BB cream as it gives absolutely no colour (being translucent). They do however jointly market it as primer, moisturiser and UV protector - this part of significantly pleases me. It's pretty much a do it all product. When used alone it gives a slight sheen to the skin which I love for no makeup days and lazy days. I can go out or stay in and my skin is still protected with the spf 25 and moisturised, whilst having a subtle glow and very slight colour correction.

The feel good factor can therefore also be used as a primer/makeup base since it smoothes out the surface of the face. I personally don't have a major issue with pores, however my mum tried it and it did improve the appearance of her pores but nothing too major. I love how the product is quite thick and creamy with a nice soft scent, yet it doesn't make your skin oily, or heavy or leave the 'sunscreen cast'.  It just leaves a nice canvas for you to apply your makeup. It's definitely a product for all skin tones and types.

I feel like this a handy little multi-purpose product to keep with you especially whilst travelling or for the up coming festival season, since it combats 3 areas at once. It's also handy if you don't always remember to moisturise, prime and put on spf - or if you just don't have the time.  However for the price of £12 it does seem a little pricey. Luckilly I got this on offer for £8, and I probably would purchase it again if it's on offer. But for the full price? I already have some spf, primers, and moisturisers that I should use up..

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