Wednesday, July 9

Hourglass corrective concealer review

This was a totally on a whim purchase in a haul a while ago, as I wasn't shade matched so I picked warm and hoped for the best, obviously trusting that hourglass are a luxury brand and know how to do concealer right.

Anyway onto the concealer, it looks darn beautiful and has quite a tight lid so it will never come open unless you prise the lid off. It is really creamy, but quite firm at the same time. When I apply it straight to my under eyes it's clearly medium to full coverage. I've stopped using it that way as it's just un hygienic and apply it with a concealer brush from the bullet on a moisturised/primed face.The lasting power is about 4-5 hours. The full coverage is great especially for anyone with acne, or trying to look like they've got 10 hours of sleep. As it's a corrective concealer it works well for people who have dark under eyes or those who need to counteract some colour they have. I personally have acquired some dark and slightly red eye circle due to exam period, so this has been my go to.

So to conclude, it's a lovely creamy good coverage concealer. But honestly for the money, I doubt I would repurchase it, the Nars creamy concealer is a tad cheaper and I prefer it because it's liquid and i get more use out of it - but I do still like this and feel I am getting my moneys worth.

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