Friday, June 20

What's in my handbag

What's in my handbag/bag posts and videos don't actually interest me all too much! I mean everyone has around about the same stuff in they're bag...but I know that quite a few people love them so I have finally done my first one. 

The bag I have is the Michael Kors Hamilton Satchel, it's a perfect little handbag that my dad very kindly surprised me with. There's also bigger tote version however I think it looks quite awkwardly shaped and on a small person like me it would look huge so the smaller version which I have is perfect for every day use.

In my handbag I have.... A River Island purse which I featured in my haul here, a small pocket mirror from a random shop in Lakeside and River Island tortoise shell sunglasses. I also carry a Sarah Jessica Parker perfume which I carry because I'm trying to use it up and it gets used faster this way. I also have the tony moly perfume stick which is perfume in a stick form and it's really cute. I'm not really a germaphobe but I do carry the Etude House mini jam jam hand sanitiser.

Surprisingly I don't carry any makeup because when I'm out and about I completely forget to touch up or re-apply so it's useless carrying extra bits around. That being said I usually do carry around the lipstick I'll be using that day so it's always in rotation. The lip essentials I carry are the Kiko kiss balm, the crabtree and evelyn lip balm and the etude house miss tangerine lipstick - 3 fuss free lip products. I'm not really a gum person but my brother bought me a peach cobbler flavoured gum pack so I do keep that in my bag and chew on it occasionally, it tastes really yummy!

The random-ish bits in my bag were Mcdonalds tissues, 25p,  and the 'P' charm that had broken off my bracelet.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what was in my bag, I don't carry anything interesting but none the less I hope you like it!

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