Monday, May 19

Beefayre product review

I haven't posted in so long, mainly due to stress from exam stress etc.. But none the less I wanted to do this review of some products kindly sent to me by Beefayre. 
Although I am totally for organic products as those companies who give some of their profits to conservation, which Beefayre does. As usual this review is completely my own opinion.

First up is the Meadowsweet & Comfrey candle*, for the size of the candle the price of £15 can seem a little steep. However I don't mind the price since first off the packaging is just such a huge win, I will definitely re use the gorgeous candle holder afterwards, perhaps as a tea light holder or just a small storage pot. Secondly the candle has such a lovely scent and you can actually dip your fingers into the wax and use it as a massage oil! I've never had a candle which you can do that with so I'm rather impressed. The burn time for this candle is 50 hours which will last me a good while, I am sure of it!

Second off is the rhubarb and raspberry reed diffuser*. When I first saw the word 'rhubarb' I flashed back to that awful school dessert where they deceivingly made rhubarb crumble instead of apple crumble *sniff*. But it actually works! it gives a kind of summery delicate fragrance which whilst I can smell the rhubarb the raspberry adds the delicacy and sweetness which just works! The base liquid is made with natural bio oil so no nasty chemicals clogging your breathing. It lasts for around 6 weeks which is lovely as the scent just lightly dusts the entire room and is the perfect scent for spring/sumer. 

Lastly I received the raspberry and vanilla 100% organic lip balm*.The scent of this is reminiscent of sweets or cake and it is literally the most buttery lip balm I've used and just melts onto your lips - none of that heavy, sticky petroleum business. Looking at the ingredients, this lip balm can easily be used as a multi balm for dry skin, cuticles etc. I'm really loving this as it's so moisturising and you need the tiniest bit, I will definitely repurchase this.

I would lastly like to say that I love the products I've tried so far and would go out to repurchase them. The ingredients are a simple and organic, they're labelled with small signs such as an asterisk which are then explain whether the ingredient is organic, fair trade or natural derived and most of the ingredients are all 3 which makes me happy. I also love how beefayre is registered with peta as a cruelty free brand and donates 3% of profits to bee conservation. Not to mention that the actually packaging it comes in so beautiful that you don't want to throw it away!

If you're looking for a nice organic treat for yourself, a loved one, or a friend then do check out beefayre as they have a whole load of other products here

* This product was sent to me by Beefayre for review purposes

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