Tuesday, January 24

Etude House Dear darling tint water gel tint PK003 review

When I first got into Asian beauty, probably around 8 years ago,  lip tints were my shit. Like seriously,  I had so many tints from different brands that were all essentially the same colour and thing. A red water tint is a red water tint whether it's from A or from B, I learnt that the hard way.

The Dear darling water gel tints are a new line from Etude House, they're an upgrade from the old dear darling tint which many people weren't fond of. I think that the water gel is a better formula choice for those of us that don't like water tint.

The collection has a pretty wide shade range, from dark vampy reds to bright oranges. I picked the shade PK003 as it was a MLBB shade which a lot of people like myself love. But it's pretty clear that etude house edit their colours onto a models lips. So the swatch is no where near accurate. In the photo I posted the tint looks red, in the etude house photo its like dusty rose colour. But actually i find it to be more of a brown toned pink. I find this colour really flattering on my skin tone.

The texture is water gel, so it's easy to spread like a water tint but has more pigmentation due to the gel like consistency. But I do find that it takes a long time to sink in, as I've found my lips can still be sticky an hour later. This can also mean that some people may have difficulty with application, but personally I don't find it to be patchy :) I also find the tint to be very long lasting which I love because I am not about the reapplication life.

For anyone wanting a long lasting mlbb shade I would recommend this, but would I repurchase? probably,  I'm kind of over lip tints but I do love this product and as I've never finished a tint it will definitely last me ages!

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