Monday, July 23

PeriPera: Peri's tint milk - Review

I chose the creamy peach milk tint because I really wanted to try a orangey/peachy/corally lip tint that I always seem to see in Korean dramas and on idols, like Sooyoung fron snsd, who it suits really well!
As you can probably tell, the colour comes on really vivid but with a couple of strokes it blends in, I don't actually need to use my fingers to pat or blend it because the applicator glides on smooth so i don't need to blend it in myself. The most surprising thing was that it actually does change my lip colour to that of Sooyoungs, I was worried it wouldn't show up or that it would just look bad but it gives your lips a really nice glow and it does make a huge difference, like I put it on my lower lip and not on my top lip and you can totally see a difference and the lower lip looked so much nicer. Also if you're worried about having orange lips, don't be, It doesn't go on orange but more like a corally pink.

 Dries really fast so you don't have to worry about smudging
 It doesn't dry your lips out at all
 last for a good few hours
 the formula is really creamy unlike water based tints
Gives your lips a really nice glow
 Shows up on pigmented lips

Saturday, June 30

The face shop: Real Nature Jelly mask pack KIWI - Review

"Kiwi Jelly Contains fresh kiwi extracts Kiwi are known for their high and rich vitamin C content and it supplies the skin with moisture and nutrition resulting in Firm, soft, smoother and youthful skin."
The jelly wash off pack comes in a little jam jar type packaging which is really cute and lightweight and pretty small but still has a lot of product, I also really like the protective lid as some other brands don't actually give you that and it encourages more hygiene but unfortunately the pack doesn't come with a mini spatula so you have to use your fingers or your own spatula.
The consistency of the pack really is jelly like but once on the skin it thins out easily, it also has small kiwi seeds which I guess don't serve any purpose but emphasise the whole 'natural' aura. The scent is really fruity which I love. I don't think it smells specifically like Kiwi's more like a fruity cocktail.
 I usually leave the mask on for around 10-15 minutes and when I wash it off my face is visibly clearer and brighter, any red bumps i may have don't stand out as much and my skin tone evens out - admittedly these effects aren't permanent but because the pack is natural you can use it as much as you like within a week because the pack isn't strong nor harsh.
I really like this pack and would repurchase it but maybe in another type like the strawberry smoothie or apple fresh! I think this pack is definitely a cheap and easy go to for me and something I prefer in the place of sheet masks

Monday, June 18

June favourites

Hollister 'Laguna Beach', Etude House SHINI STAR, Maybelline baby lips 'anti oxident berry', Maybelline baby lips 'cherry me', Etude House juciy cocktail gradation nails 5

My first product is just the hollister spray, it's around £12-£14 I'm not to sure but you get alot of product and it smells heavenly, also the bottle is not too tall and quite thin so it's easy to carry around and the nozzle squirts out alot of scent. The scent is florally and it stays with you for a while. Seeing as it's pretty affordable and has alot of product I don't feel bad spritzing alot on where as if I was using my Jimmy choo or Vera Wang perfume I'd be like saving every drop.

Next is just the shini star bb lotion by etude, it's a pretty small bb cream and only comes in one size and one colour, it has spf and pa++ which is great for me though the spf is low for me but it's all right since i wear missha sun block anyway. The coverage is good, allthough I don't recommend it for people with acne or dry patches because I think it'll just powder up around spots or dry patches and look pretty sickly. None the less the pump and overall packaging is cute and the product is good so I love it.

This baby lips isn't available in the UK or US, it was aimed at the asia region and I actually got it off ebay from thailand for £2.50. It's just a moisterizing lip balm which is small, cute and affordable (even if you are ordering it online), the only negative thing I have to say is, it can leave a horrid gloop/cast on your lips but overall it's a a good lip balm, not better then my etude ones but more like just a lip balm i carry in my bag.

Another baby lips, this one is the cherry me one which I got from Canada, the flavour is okay and the colour pay off isn't the best but atleast it doesn't look tacky  right? but this is great for that natural flush especially for school where you don't want to look too over done. It's also moisterizing but the colour transfers easilly.

Lastly another Etude product, this time for the nails. My review on the blue gradation nails blew up so I'll probably review this one too, just comment below if you'd like that ^_^
This golden rustic colour is 5  princess mary. I love these colours as I find them really wearable individually aswell as together like if it's just a normal day I might just wear the colours on their own, but you can also play the whole gradiation down by just having glittery french tips for a night out where as more blended look for work or school.

Friday, May 25

Etude house: My lash serum - Review

Strengthens strand vitality with essence care formula to prevent lash loss.
Contains panthenol & dogwood berry extract 
Supplies nourishment and comfort to weary eye lines and lashes.

The brush is decent, It's thin which is a plus for me and gives even coverage

 A good amount of product
 works as clear mascara
 strengthens lashes
 not sticky
 takes a while to dry

Tuesday, May 22

Tony Moly: Hello bunny perfume bar - review

So the product itself smells amazing! no exaggeration. When you apply it, it  ovbiously applies clear and like a balm. The directions recommend you to pat it in to absorb faster. The scent does stay for a while but during the day it fades but as  the product's so small you can always carry it and re-apply.

  •  Small, easy to carry
  •  A lot of product
  •  amazing scent
  •  cute packaging
  • Scent fades
  • Not as good as a perfume or body spray

Thursday, May 17

Etude House - Lip perfume review

The packaging is super cute and kind of reminiscent of benefit cosmetics? well to me at least. The pot it comes in, is a little larger then a regular Vaseline tin and I think the bottom/pot part is made of glass which makes it weight quite abit. None the less the product itself, I adore! First of all it's peach flavoured (doesn't get better then that) and it's not just one of those that only smells when it's in the pot, it actually scents your lips too which is nice. Oh and for the record, it's super moisturising, hydrating and lightly pigmented.

So, this is a moisturising balm, with a subtle tint, it has a lovely scent hence being called a lip perfume. The packaging is good quality and unique.
However it is quite thick so you have to dig to get a good amount of product, which can be quite un hygienic and the only alternative is using a lip brush (which is just too extra) or melt it a bit.

Sunday, April 29

Review: Etude house - Green Tea mask

The packaging is really cute and quite minimalistic which is expected from Etude, and on the reverse it has ingredients and instructions both in english and Korean for those who can't read hangul and/or may have allergies to certain ingredients or for those who don't know how to use a sheet mask (it has a small photo)
 It isn't dripping with serum
 It's thick so it won't rip easily
 It's really calming and refreshing
 It didn't make a huge difference to my skin
 It has no actual green tea scent

Friday, April 6


This is all pretty /skin care orientated and I think I wanna have a good look at the my beauty diary skin care line, I actually do have some of their sheet masks so if you'd like a review then do comment! but the my beauty diary skincare range is just as cute and sweet as the sheet masks! only glitch is that the amino acid cleanser was limited addition and it may be hard to get a hold of compared with the aloe version because let's face it, I (and you) would rather have cute sweet strawberry flavoured cleansers then boring green aloe! it must be a girl thing...well unless you have a swollen face or acne and need something cooling then yeah get the aloe one!

Sunday, March 11


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Friday, January 6

Review: Holika Holika- Honey sleeping pack

According to the official advertising the acerola pack aims make an animated face and smooth out the surface with the vitamin c. For me this wasn't shown very well, in fact it broke me out so now i have 3 huge spot of my cheek where i applied it first perhaps, and i hardly get spots so this product was a great let down as I'm sure it was due to it. I still have some hope for it so i've been using it as a face pack and I've had no problems! but it's still just a basic mask and does nothing special for my skin... So I would not recommend it, but if you do still want to try it I suggest choosing a different type as holika holika offer 3 types.