Monday, July 28

Summer & Holiday favourites

I haven't posted in a while because of holiday stuff - I went to spain at the end of June and I'm actually going back tomorrow but I definitely wanted to squeeze in a post of some of the summer favourites I'm loving throughout the hot season especially when on holiday.

As we all know, spf is vital and although tanning is huge during summer essentially it's skin damage - but since I'm already brown I don't need to tan and get darker so I use a pretty high spf of 45. The  Missha all around safe sunblock essence is my current favourite for my face because it's so light and not thick or heavy like body sunblock.

I also have been wearing the & other stories moire green nail polish which is the loveliest light sea foam green and looks especially amazing in the summer season.

I have two blush products I've been using non stop - first off is the Kevyn Aucoin creamy glow duo which I feel like I go on about...It's just so tiny and easy to travel with and the two shades are perfect for summer. Although I prefer cream blushes to powder blushes in general, I have been adoring the bobbi brown shimmer brick in rose. Although I think the Nectar shade is way more suited for summer because of the beautiful coral-peach shades. But the reason I've been loving the shimmer brick is because it gives both a beautiful blush and highlight at the same time so you can achieve that sun kissed look with just one product! Also the shimmer isn't chunky glitter it's very finely milled and smooth which compliments the skin nicely.

For the lips I've been using the dior lip glow a lot, because it has spf 15, tints the lips and is pretty much lip balm. Although it doesn't offer much colour I've been reaching for it a lot for some reason!

The Prada Candy perfume is my go to summer scent - I won't try to explain the scent because it will just confuse you, although it is supposed to be in the "warm spicy" fragrance family (whatever that means). I just love this scent because it's not overpowering but very feminine and lingers on you for a long time which I love because I always feel like perfume fades rapidly on me although whether it actually does I'm not sure.

Finally, the Skin79 seaweed cooling mask is a hydrating and cooling wash off face mask. Although this doesn't do miraculous wonders the skin it definitely does hydrate and cool the skin which does help if you've got sunburned. I do use this a lot because it's a very simple mask and doesn't irritate my skin and it's nice to use a simple mask!

So those are my favourite summer and holiday products so far!
I hope you enjoyed this post x

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