Sunday, April 13

The Body Shop : All in one BB Cream review

This is one of the first makeup products I've tried from the body shop, and so far I'm content with the purchase.

The consistency of the BB cream, is light weight and liquid so it pretty much feels like skin, therefore it's no surprise that this is a light-coverage-hydrating-dewy-finish bb cream. You can build this up on certain areas you need a tad more coverage, however all you need is a bit of concealer and you're good to go if you're going for a natural look. But for people who need full coverage, this can work as a great base but unfortunately won't perfect and cover the face like a foundation or heavy duty bb cream would. I think this is a great BB cream for anyone that's looking for a natural dewy bb cream, or something to wear to school to even your skin tone and hide some blemishes without looking to obvious( if your school is strict) cakey or heavy. It's really hydrating and personally I love it. My only qualm is that sometimes, I'll put it on and because there's no immediate difference like with a foundation, I literally wonder "Is this even doing anything?" because I think I'm used to dramatic effects, where as this is more subtle and natural.

I would recommend this to anyone who's looking for a decent western BB cream, but for anyone who's looking for something with higher coverage (to cover up scars, acne, pigmentation etc)- this isn't the one. Also, as it's supposed to adapt to your skin colour, it might not mesh well with really pale skin tones as it can tend to look too orange and dark even in shade one. 

Best of all, this wasn't tested on animals as it's from the body shop (yay)

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