Monday, January 30

It's Skin Mangowhite cleansing cream

I've been heavily into double cleansing, for the past year. Whilst many people tend to go for oils to melt down makeup before using another cleanser, I personally enjoy cleansing cream.

The It's skin mango white cleansing cream includes mangosteen extracts to moisture dry skin, mulberry extract to brighten skin as well as green tea extracts. It's skin also state that the product has been skin safety tested, which really pleases me as they've certified that this is good and safe to be used on the face. You also get a good 200 ml of product which definitely lasts and makes the product worth the price.

I love this cleansing cream because I actually find myself reaching for it even when I'm really tired. It has a lovely light scent and is a light creamy consistency, it breaks down my makeup without leaving oily residue on my face. My face always looks bright and feels moisturised after using this cleansing cream, and there is no visible makeup residue or dirt on my face. I do believe that this product would be equally as effective to use alone and then followed up with micellar water.

Overall, I will definitely repurchase this product and recommend it to friends and family!

Tuesday, January 24

Etude House Dear darling tint water gel tint PK003 review

When I first got into Asian beauty, probably around 8 years ago,  lip tints were my shit. Like seriously,  I had so many tints from different brands that were all essentially the same colour and thing. A red water tint is a red water tint whether it's from A or from B, I learnt that the hard way.

The Dear darling water gel tints are a new line from Etude House, they're an upgrade from the old dear darling tint which many people weren't fond of. I think that the water gel is a better formula choice for those of us that don't like water tint.

The collection has a pretty wide shade range, from dark vampy reds to bright oranges. I picked the shade PK003 as it was a MLBB shade which a lot of people like myself love. But it's pretty clear that etude house edit their colours onto a models lips. So the swatch is no where near accurate. In the photo I posted the tint looks red, in the etude house photo its like dusty rose colour. But actually i find it to be more of a brown toned pink. I find this colour really flattering on my skin tone.

The texture is water gel, so it's easy to spread like a water tint but has more pigmentation due to the gel like consistency. But I do find that it takes a long time to sink in, as I've found my lips can still be sticky an hour later. This can also mean that some people may have difficulty with application, but personally I don't find it to be patchy :) I also find the tint to be very long lasting which I love because I am not about the reapplication life.

For anyone wanting a long lasting mlbb shade I would recommend this, but would I repurchase? probably,  I'm kind of over lip tints but I do love this product and as I've never finished a tint it will definitely last me ages!

Monday, January 23

The ordinary Niacinamide 10% review

In the past you may have seen my review of The Ordinary azealic acid suspension cream, which I really enjoyed thus making me explore more the ordinary products, so stay tuned for in depth reviews of a few more items :)

Niacinamide is an ingredient that has been proven effective in helping with skin concerns such as uneven skin, large pores, dull skin, and aging skin. However as this is a high strength formula, it is always advised to patch test it first to avoid a bad reaction to the amount of niacinamide in the serum.

Whilst I had previously raved about the Azealic suspension for lightening dark spots, the Niacinamide formula is one of my favourite the ordinary products because it has transformed my skin. After using the serum for about a 2 weeks, I had already noticed a huge improvement in my skin texture and pores as well as the over all evenness of my skin. I also have way less break outs, and no longer have the large under the skin bump kind of pimples - not sure whether this is because of the nit

There are some potential issues I've encountered. Firstly, my overall face "whitening", this is because Niacinamide surpasses melanin from reaching the surface, great for dark spots, not so great when your entire face is naturally brown and you want to keep it that way. Also any products you use before the serum may interfere with it and cause a slight burning sensation so its best to keep your routine minimal when introducing this.  The serum can also be drying, so for those of you with dry skin, you might experience some more dryness but nothing that can't be combatted. And also the fact that it can sometimes cause products you use after to pill, which is why I advise to keep your routine minimal for best results.

Overall , I really enjoy this product and the improvements it has made to my skin. I will definitely repurchase this and as part of a good routine it can really help your skin get to where you want it to be.

Thursday, January 19

Nella Fantasia Honey Snail ultra moisture cream review

The Nella Fantasia honey snail cream, as the name suggests is a moisturising cream that combines the properties of honey and snail secretion in skin care.

The product claims to moisturise, help fine lines, wrinkles and elasticity with ingredients such as shea butter, hylaronic acid and adenonicine. It can also be used either as a moisturiser or as a sleeping pack, by heavily piling it on before bed.

The moisturiser is a thick sticky cream, so sticky in fact that sometimes it is difficult to take the hygiene seal thing off. This means that it does require longer to sink in then a lighter moisturiser. However it is deeply moisturising. As my skin is not that dry, because i've finally sorted out my skincare routine. I don't personally need a moisturiser this heavy and moisturising. You do get a hefty 100g of product, so I've been using this as a body moisturiser but might just pass this on to a family member. It hasn't caused any acne or problems for me, in fact its the opposite, it doesn't actually do anything major for me which is why I'm not a huge fan of it. However if dry skin is your concern, then I would recommend trying it out!

Sunday, January 15

Petitfee oil blossom Lip mask review

My lips have been extremely dry as of late and no amount of water/lip balm/exfoliation seems to be helping. So I decided to look into getting a lip mask and came across the Petitfee one which was considerably cheaper then the laneige one so I decided to give it a go!

The Lip mask is a highly enriched overnight treatment which you slap onto your lips generously and sleep, so it hydrates and moisturises your lips throughout the night. The mask is enriched with 5 nutritious plant oils including camellia seed, jojoba oil and vitamin e.
The mask has a light scent to it, which I personally really enjoy, it reminds me of sweet cranberries for some reason although I'm assuming that it's a "blossom" smell (no idea what blossoms are meant to smell like though).  It's a fairly thick consistency which quickly melts into a thick oil onto you lips and can also be used as a lip balm throughout the day when applied lightly. After using the mask only on days when my lips felt extra day (not daily) I found that in the mornings my lips were extra smooth, moisturised, plump and any rough skin patches were soothed, so this made applying lipstick smoother in the mornings when I was getting ready as I wouldn't have to worry about needing to exfoliate my lips or wait for my lip balm to sink in.

The lip mask also comes in a luxurious glass jar with a small spatula to scoop the product out for hygiene reasons, although sometimes I make the mistake of scooping too much out due too this but it's not a huge issue.

Overall, I do like this product as it provides overnight moisture which leaves my lips soft and plump in the morning/throughout the day and would definitely repurchase it if it ran out, as I'm enjoying using it for the winter months. However if you're on a budget it's not an essential as you could just layer on and lip balm before bed and use it as treatment too.