Sunday, January 15

Petitfee oil blossom Lip mask review

My lips have been extremely dry as of late and no amount of water/lip balm/exfoliation seems to be helping. So I decided to look into getting a lip mask and came across the Petitfee one which was considerably cheaper then the laneige one so I decided to give it a go!

The Lip mask is a highly enriched overnight treatment which you slap onto your lips generously and sleep, so it hydrates and moisturises your lips throughout the night. The mask is enriched with 5 nutritious plant oils including camellia seed, jojoba oil and vitamin e.
The mask has a light scent to it, which I personally really enjoy, it reminds me of sweet cranberries for some reason although I'm assuming that it's a "blossom" smell (no idea what blossoms are meant to smell like though).  It's a fairly thick consistency which quickly melts into a thick oil onto you lips and can also be used as a lip balm throughout the day when applied lightly. After using the mask only on days when my lips felt extra day (not daily) I found that in the mornings my lips were extra smooth, moisturised, plump and any rough skin patches were soothed, so this made applying lipstick smoother in the mornings when I was getting ready as I wouldn't have to worry about needing to exfoliate my lips or wait for my lip balm to sink in.

The lip mask also comes in a luxurious glass jar with a small spatula to scoop the product out for hygiene reasons, although sometimes I make the mistake of scooping too much out due too this but it's not a huge issue.

Overall, I do like this product as it provides overnight moisture which leaves my lips soft and plump in the morning/throughout the day and would definitely repurchase it if it ran out, as I'm enjoying using it for the winter months. However if you're on a budget it's not an essential as you could just layer on and lip balm before bed and use it as treatment too.

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