Thursday, January 19

Nella Fantasia Honey Snail ultra moisture cream review

The Nella Fantasia honey snail cream, as the name suggests is a moisturising cream that combines the properties of honey and snail secretion in skin care.

The product claims to moisturise, help fine lines, wrinkles and elasticity with ingredients such as shea butter, hylaronic acid and adenonicine. It can also be used either as a moisturiser or as a sleeping pack, by heavily piling it on before bed.

The moisturiser is a thick sticky cream, so sticky in fact that sometimes it is difficult to take the hygiene seal thing off. This means that it does require longer to sink in then a lighter moisturiser. However it is deeply moisturising. As my skin is not that dry, because i've finally sorted out my skincare routine. I don't personally need a moisturiser this heavy and moisturising. You do get a hefty 100g of product, so I've been using this as a body moisturiser but might just pass this on to a family member. It hasn't caused any acne or problems for me, in fact its the opposite, it doesn't actually do anything major for me which is why I'm not a huge fan of it. However if dry skin is your concern, then I would recommend trying it out!

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