Monday, January 23

The ordinary Niacinamide 10% review

In the past you may have seen my review of The Ordinary azealic acid suspension cream, which I really enjoyed thus making me explore more the ordinary products, so stay tuned for in depth reviews of a few more items :)

Niacinamide is an ingredient that has been proven effective in helping with skin concerns such as uneven skin, large pores, dull skin, and aging skin. However as this is a high strength formula, it is always advised to patch test it first to avoid a bad reaction to the amount of niacinamide in the serum.

Whilst I had previously raved about the Azealic suspension for lightening dark spots, the Niacinamide formula is one of my favourite the ordinary products because it has transformed my skin. After using the serum for about a 2 weeks, I had already noticed a huge improvement in my skin texture and pores as well as the over all evenness of my skin. I also have way less break outs, and no longer have the large under the skin bump kind of pimples - not sure whether this is because of the nit

There are some potential issues I've encountered. Firstly, my overall face "whitening", this is because Niacinamide surpasses melanin from reaching the surface, great for dark spots, not so great when your entire face is naturally brown and you want to keep it that way. Also any products you use before the serum may interfere with it and cause a slight burning sensation so its best to keep your routine minimal when introducing this.  The serum can also be drying, so for those of you with dry skin, you might experience some more dryness but nothing that can't be combatted. And also the fact that it can sometimes cause products you use after to pill, which is why I advise to keep your routine minimal for best results.

Overall , I really enjoy this product and the improvements it has made to my skin. I will definitely repurchase this and as part of a good routine it can really help your skin get to where you want it to be.

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