Sunday, January 19

Dior serum de rouge 455 Tea Rose Crystal review

The serum de rouge lipstick is quite unlike anything I own, packaging wise it's very sleek and chic, it's quite long and skinny with a geometric looking design and silver dior engraved rings contrasting with the black. Ah onto the price, this is well..quite a lot ..Ok it is a lot

So you see a silver seal, on the seal it tells you that to get product you need to twist the bottom bit twice, twisting it twice gives about 1-2 mm of product - not only is this tiresome but you can't twist all the product back down like you would with a normal lipstick so if you twist up too much well you're stuck.

Also the colour isn't at all like the bullet, the bullet shows a deep rose kind of pink, but it comes out like a creamy nude pale pink and not quite the rose colour that I expect with a touch of gold shimmer that I also did not expect. The colour is pretty but just not on me (sigh) I think this would suit pale skin tones beautifully.

Oh and other thing, on the little leaflet that comes in the box which I randomly decided to read, the serum de rouge claims that texture of the lipstick "melts over your lips for absolute comfort and unique pleasure" - which it does
And the integral care is that it's "unparalleled formula, highly concentrated with lip sticks (ten times more then our classic lip stick) illuminates your lips with youthful beauty and after 1 month of daily use, they are deeply moisturised, smoothed and redefined." - I haven't tried this daily for over a month so I can't comment on it, however I'm interested to look into this claim as baby lips claimed something similar about lip lines and in no way did that happen.

So to sum it up, the creamy texture and over all luxury of this product cannot be denied so if you want this in your collection, or are looking for something a bit better or like the upgraded version of the lip butters then try this (but I'd recommend going in store and trying it on before purchasing).
But if this is out of your budget, don't worry as this isn't a to die for product in my experience, and you can get like two drug store lip butters for the same price.
Also if you're looking for something similar to this product but not a lip butter, then I would recommend looking into the missha deep moisture lip essence which feels very similar on the lips to the Dior one, although the colour is more of a deeper pink - this also has spf and is just around the £5 mark.

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