Monday, January 30

It's Skin Mangowhite cleansing cream

I've been heavily into double cleansing, for the past year. Whilst many people tend to go for oils to melt down makeup before using another cleanser, I personally enjoy cleansing cream.

The It's skin mango white cleansing cream includes mangosteen extracts to moisture dry skin, mulberry extract to brighten skin as well as green tea extracts. It's skin also state that the product has been skin safety tested, which really pleases me as they've certified that this is good and safe to be used on the face. You also get a good 200 ml of product which definitely lasts and makes the product worth the price.

I love this cleansing cream because I actually find myself reaching for it even when I'm really tired. It has a lovely light scent and is a light creamy consistency, it breaks down my makeup without leaving oily residue on my face. My face always looks bright and feels moisturised after using this cleansing cream, and there is no visible makeup residue or dirt on my face. I do believe that this product would be equally as effective to use alone and then followed up with micellar water.

Overall, I will definitely repurchase this product and recommend it to friends and family!

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