Saturday, January 11

Skin saviours

Since the new year has begun,  I've noticed a lot of people including my friends are focused on detoxing their skin / treating their skin etc etc basically just getting rid of impurities and trying to maintain clear and fresh skin. So here's 3 simple products that can help with acne, breakouts and pores to help you clean up your skin this year, and I must add that I do not in any way have perfect skin but these are 3 products I constantly reach for as they are of course my skin saviours.

The lush mask of mask of magnaminty is, like the name suggests, a minty multipurpose mask that helps treat your skin in terms of acne, pores and sebum production. It also has exfoliating properties so you can use it as a scrub when you rinse it off your face (or back as it can also help those who have bacne).  This mask isn't a miracle product but I definitely find it helps when I'm breaking out or am getting oily and it isn't harsh plus the ingredient are natural and definitely will help with acne if used continually. I personally use this once a week if i need it, and I'm always pleased with the soft glow it gives me. They retail for around five pounds for a smaller tub and nine pounds for the bigger one which I own and I do think it's worth the money as you get a lot of use out of it.

I haven't seen spot patches/treatments in the UK, but in Asia they're quite popular as theres almost an immediate effect. The patches are basically either clear or skin coloured (like a plaster) round stickers which you stick onto your spot and the sticky side will stop your spots from spreading, absorb the acne secretion and soothe any burning or aching. I usually put one on at night if I have a particularly big spot or one that's sore and red and the next morning it'll have reduced in size or gone. I've also found that sometimes the lush make doesn't help sore spots to go whilst this does.  You can buy these online from taiwan or other asian countries and they ship within a week, give them a try!

Finally, la roche posy effaclar duo needs no introduction or explanation as to why it's a skin saviour, this stuff is amazing! 

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