Sunday, February 16

Hair care routine

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These 3 products are my go to, what I would call, treatments as I'm currently treating my hair with them currently and I'm really pleased with the outcomes. I use all of these on damp hair, but they can also be used on dry hair to smooth fly aways and tame your hair/ give shine.
I use the tigi silky smooth moisture serum, mostly when I'm going out as it makes me hair feel moisturised and look really smooth and well put together which is great since it makes my hair looks silky smooth and straightened although I didn't straighten my hair. This also smells delicious and like apples! I love the scent of it.
I have a review of the John Freida full raping oil elixir here , if you'd like to read it in detail, but of the two oils I use, I must admit that this is my favourite! and it's also more value for your money.
The vo5 nourish my shine miracle concentrate, is an okay product, I don't love or loathe it. I don't like the dropper design of this as you can pretty much just spill the whole product, but because of the small size of it, it's great to travel with. I do use this quite a bit to mix up my routine, but it's nothing special. 

On to my hair styling products, these are my three most used products. 
Bumble and bumble thickening hairspray needs to introduction or explanation. It's great. It works. I love it.
The bumble and bumble texture creme, isn't one of their most hyped products in my opinion, I have the surf spray which everyone knows about but I don't particularly get on with it. So in my opinion the un dressing creme is far superior in creating textured, lifted, bed head hair.
Finally, the juicy shower is just a little something I use to give my hair a little mess around with, in essence it's like a hydrating mist for your hair which helps with frizz and manageability whilst making your hair smell like fruity berries. So if I'm off out, I will spritz some into my hair (great for second or third day hair) and it smells like i've just got out of the shower!.

This is just a brief routine, if you'd like more in depth reviews on any products then please feel free to comment below, other then that thanks for reading and have a good day!

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