Friday, January 3

John Frieda : Full repair repairing hair oil elixir - review

You've probably heard of the hair oil hype whether it's the Moroccan oil or mythic oil - basically hair oils can help revive your dull, damaged, dry hair. At one point, when I was a naive 14 year old I straightened my hair everyday...and..without heat protectant. Then I had the realisation point that straightening my hair was 1. effort and 2. damaging or maybe the straighteners just broke. Either way, I stopped straightening my hair and to this day the oily heat I put on it is blow dryer heat and even that's on the cool setting.
Prior to using this hair oil, I was using an old Moroccan oil serum which I didn't really care for and I don't think it did much for my hair. There's a lot of hair oils on the market, and they begin at around the £5-10 mark.  
I thoroughly enjoy using this hair oil, it doesn't leave your hair looking greasy which some oils can do  - my hair is fluffy and soft with no signs of having used a hair oil. Also the small pump helps deliver just the right amount of oil, I find for my mid length hair one pump is enough for mid shafts. I've found my hair looks healthier and fuller with this oil and it's not heavy on your hair like my previous Moroccan serum.
I love this oil so much I actually look forward to using it after I've washed my hair!

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