Saturday, January 18

YSL volupte sheer candy 4 Succulent pomegranate

You cannot deny that ysl have one of the most luxurious looking designs, especially for their lipsticks. It does seem catch people's attention when you pull it out of your purse! however the price does seem a little harsh when in essence it's a sheer tinted glossy balm.
I do love this product, and I'm hoping to purchase another one - there's a decent shade range, it gives such a nice rosy pomegranate colour to your lips in 1 coat and layering it can give more of a pink colour. As it's a glossy balm, it hydrates your lips and it's quite long lasting on the lips (it claims to be up to 8 hours).

The only down side is the price, as it seems absurd to be paying £23.50 for in reality - a tinted balm, when you can get similar results from cheaper drug store brands like the maybelline baby lips, revlon lip butters, etc although these aren't as luxurious. 

Also, please comment below if you'd like to see swatches of lip products in future, whether these be arm swatches or lip swatches.

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