Thursday, January 2

The body shop : joyful gingerbread house - Ginger bread sparkle and Cranberry joy

It's a new year and i'm still blogging about a festive gift set how strange...However, in many parts of the world, a new year means colder weather as the winter to spring transition sets in and in England this is usually when snow first appears. So cold weather equals to dry, cracking skin and a cry for warmth. 
During christmas I got this gingerbread house thing from the body shop from a family member, which has a loofah x2 mini body butters in festive scents and x2 mini shower gels in festive scents. I absolutely adore the cranberry scent it's so sweet and reminds me of christmas but the gingerbread one isn't as appealing to me. Like most body shop body butters, these are extremely creamy and sink into your skin leaving your moisturised with no greasiness or oiliness. 
Anyway, as boxing day has been and gone there's many lingering sales on all things christmas-y and festive, so if you want to grab yourself a bargain then you should purchase one of these (or the Vanilla scent which I received last year) which have been reduced from £13 to £5 for the full 100 ml tub. 
Thanks for reading, and happy new year everyone! 

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