Wednesday, January 1

The body shop : Elderflower eye gel - review

I received this eye gel in a christmas set this year, I was instantly attracted to it as I've been on the hunt for a new eye cream but I was reluctant to spend £20+ on one.  
This is an elederflower eye gel (not cream), which has soothing/cooling properties and can help lift your eyes and can relieve puffy eyes. Clearly, it's a gel consistency and it comes in a 15 ml pot which is average for eye creams, you need the tiniest bit so it will last a long time, also it's not perfumed. Also the price is on the cheaper side as it's only £7 and it's quite similar to the Clarin eye contour gel which retails for £29.

However... If your concern is dark circles, then this eye gel won't accommodate to that as it simply soothes, cools and wakens your eyes which is great for those who are looking for something to help with puffy eyes.
Personally, I do like the eye gel because of the cooling feeling and how it helps wake your eyes up, but I don't find this to be anything special and although I might repurchase this in future for the cooling feeling, it is by no means anything great and I have dark circles so I'm still on the search for a good eye cream.

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