Friday, December 16

Cosrx ultimate moisturising honey overnight mask review

Cosrx is one of the leading Korean skin care brands right now. They're ingredients are all killer no filler whilst remaining relatively affordable. Of course it's not dirt cheap, but after trying a few products I can agree that they're definitely worth both price and hype.

The overnight Honey mask is a very light weight almost watery consistency overnight mask which deeply hydrates your skin leaving it very plump and dewy in the morning. Because of it's light weight formula it can also be used as a moisturiser before makeup.

The mask has 85% bee propolis which is very beneficial for healing scars and having anti bacterial properties. So whilst you sleep the mask not only hydrates, but combats dirt and bacteria whilst also brightening the skin.

Overall, if you are looking for a overnight mask I would highly recommend this mask and in fact prefer it to the previous sleeping packs I have tried such as the laneige one. My only gripe with the product being the lack of a spatula or tube packaging.

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