Friday, August 16

Benefit They're Real masacara - review

I'm not really a mascara junkie, but I heard great things about this benefit mascara and I just had to try it. Like I said I'm not all that fussed about mascara's so I just use whatever so this review might not be that helpful. 

I really really do like this mascara, it lengthens my lashes and doesn't clump (unless you do 5+ coats) but really you only need about 3. The mascara doesn't budge and washes off easily so no tugging. Right now the mascara comes with a mini travel size for the regular price which is great! However it is still quite pricey as it's almost £20 for a mascara!! I don't know about you but i'd just love to spend that 20 quid else were (skin care) but meh I don't regret this purchase as I really do like it and will certainly repurchase it.

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