Saturday, December 28

December favourites

I've never really been a fan of foundation as the ones I had tried never really colour matched well and i felt like they were cake and just sat on my skin like a mask. This december I dug out my burberry foundation and decided to mix it with a spf moisturiser, the ration was about 1:2. I had some red breakouts and I felt self conscious but the mixture was just what I needed! it was pretty much a diy tinted moistener and gave me a healthy, dewy glow and covered my redness and evened out my skin, plus the moisturiser lightened the colour of the foundation so it matched me perfectly. It wasn't high coverage as i used more moisturiser then foundation but if you want to try it out you can play around with the ratio. It was very moisturising, not cakey and just felt like my skin but better.
I posted a while ago about my benefit they're real mascara which I thought was my holy grail mascara. But I recently got this mascara, from max factor, in the colour black/brown which is just a dark brown and I adore it.  Rather then a carbon black false lash effect that black mascaras often give, i find this mascara just darkens your lashes giving a natural looking yet full effect that is perfect for a simple look or no makeup look. I usually use 1-2 coats of this but I'm sure that if you build it up you can get the 'false lash effect' it states, but for me I don't really need/want that.

This is a 'smoky eye effect eye shadow stick) that i've been loving this month. Step 1 is golden champagne colour and step 2 is a deep chocolate brown with a reddish undertone, the two colours can be worn together for a smoky eye or individually. What i actually like is the difference in shapes as step 1 is rounded which makes it easy to apply all over the lid whereas the sharp edge of step 2 is great to line your lids with and it allows you to have precision. It's a really creamy shadow and I haven't really found anything to complain about! I really want to buy another colour soon.
The effaclar duo is such a highly raved about product and many people say it's their skincare saviour so I wonder what took me so long to try it out! I mentioned earlier that I've been having some problems with breakouts and this has helped a lot. It's not an overnight treatment but it definitely helps the breakouts clear faster then if you weren't using it at all. Also it helps with pores, which isn't a problem for me, but I know many people have issues with enlarged pores. It's a very light cream that sinks in immediately but you can feel ever so slightly that there's something on your skin, but I kind of like that.

Thanks for reading if you managed it this far! hope you all had a great christmas and enjoy the new year x

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