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Tony Moly Appletox Honey Cream

Tony Moly appletox Honey Cream

Sticky texture relaxes the muscle membrane to give elasticity.
Manuka Honey extract- from Zeeland wild tree, immunity and anti-bacterial effect 
Royal Jelly extract- cooling down skin trouble, good for sensitive skin 
Propolis- antioxide effect 
Black honey- rich minerals and amino-acid. moisturised and nourish skin effects keep your skin elastic and moist 
Apple acid ingredients smoothing skin

So the description given by Tony Moly sounds really good, plus since it's more of a gel then cream it shouldn't clog your pores and should help those with inflamed skin or acne.
But the 'cute packaging' that attracted it to me is starting to bring the product down.
Firstly it's in a twist off tub, it does have a protective cover but since the cream is so sticky the cover often gets stuck to the lid and it's just all really un hygienic. 
The's just too sticky for my liking I guess the honey ingredient makes it stringy and syrupy like honey but I've read other people's reviews saying it sinks in quickly, however in my experience it takes quite a while to absorb and there's the easy mistake to put too much on and then well you're just screwed. So I guess the best time to use it would be at night but i don't like the idea of putting another cream or something on top of it so it's more like a mask.
However I use it in the morning for a dewy look and since it takes quite a while to absorb on me, i just get ready and do my things whilst it's slowly absorbing.

It smells like fresh apples
It has a good list of ingredients/purposes
It can be used as a mask
Comes with a spatula
  It's quite sticky
  Packaging isn't the most hygienic and I'd prefer a squeeze tube type
  It's not travel friendly
  Might not be good for everyday use

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