Saturday, June 30

The face shop: Real Nature Jelly mask pack KIWI - Review

"Kiwi Jelly Contains fresh kiwi extracts Kiwi are known for their high and rich vitamin C content and it supplies the skin with moisture and nutrition resulting in Firm, soft, smoother and youthful skin."
The jelly wash off pack comes in a little jam jar type packaging which is really cute and lightweight and pretty small but still has a lot of product, I also really like the protective lid as some other brands don't actually give you that and it encourages more hygiene but unfortunately the pack doesn't come with a mini spatula so you have to use your fingers or your own spatula.
The consistency of the pack really is jelly like but once on the skin it thins out easily, it also has small kiwi seeds which I guess don't serve any purpose but emphasise the whole 'natural' aura. The scent is really fruity which I love. I don't think it smells specifically like Kiwi's more like a fruity cocktail.
 I usually leave the mask on for around 10-15 minutes and when I wash it off my face is visibly clearer and brighter, any red bumps i may have don't stand out as much and my skin tone evens out - admittedly these effects aren't permanent but because the pack is natural you can use it as much as you like within a week because the pack isn't strong nor harsh.
I really like this pack and would repurchase it but maybe in another type like the strawberry smoothie or apple fresh! I think this pack is definitely a cheap and easy go to for me and something I prefer in the place of sheet masks

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